Crystal ball in b&w

by Gordley James

crystal ball in bw seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Wednesday 27th of April 2005 07:23:39 PM


Nick Karagiaouroglou
Hard to say James! You see, eliminating spots on white will probably enhance them on black, and vice verca. If you variate the angle under which you take the foto, then perhaps at some point no light coming from behind the ball will hit the film because you exceed the angle of total reflection. You might not have spots then, but the ball surface will seem uniformly gray or something similar. Anyway, a very interesting abstract that seems to solely consist of light and absence of light. Very good idea! (Though it is... black and white ;-)) Best wishes, Nick

James Gordley
Crystal Ball in b&w How do I set up lighting to completely eliminate the hot spots...this was shot at home in the studio using a home made light tent.

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