Retirement Flight F-14 Tomcat VF-143 Pukin Dogs

by Clarke Gerry

retirement flight f tomcat vf pukin dogs seeking critique clarke gerry

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Published: Monday 25th of April 2005 04:17:18 PM


Jerry Druhan
Simply awesome Best photo of a fighter jet that I have ever seen.

Alex Kew
6/7 Excellent shot. Would have been 7/7 except for the shadow under the canopy! Never saw one of these display in the UK, and now never will. Farewell to a legendary aircraft.

Rad Stypulkowski
??? nice postcard

Christopher Appoldt
Awesome shot. That's an F-14B, with an upgraded GE engine package. I have a few Tomcats from last summer's Chicago airshow I should upload. My dad was on the design team for this jet, and it's always therefore held a special spot in my fighter affections. "The Turkey" will indeed be sorely missed, its replacement, the F/A-18E Super Hornet, ready to take command as the ocean-based interceptor for the fleet. At least that jet too is bad-ass:)

Niaz Chalabianloo
7/6 perfect capture . congrats

Ben Neptun
7/7 Bravo! I could not have done better.

Mark Grant
Very impressive shot! Beautifully sharp and detailed and I think the lack of any clouds is a good thing for this shot. Well done.

Richard Deng
Great image of my favorite fighter jet. Sad to see them go, would have been great if the navy had gone forward with the Super Tomcat 21 program instead of wasting all that money on the A-12 bomber.

Gerry Clarke
Retirement Flight F-14 Tomcat VF-143 Pukin Dogs Rare photo - F-14 Tomcat VF-143 Pukin Dog aircraft with new paint job for retirement to a museum in Connecticut Air Guard. The aircraft is painted up to resemble an earlier style of aircraft.

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