"Fun Forest"

by Tsoi Wilson

fun forest seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 25th of April 2005 08:02:04 AM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Fabulous lighting, Wilson! Why didn't you call this "Fun Forest". :-) Great with the ferris wheel and carousel looking so close together.

Brian Chapman
Hey Wilson, another great shot - I was thinking about going back that night but I got rained on the night before, so that was enough! And yes, the fence around the merry-go-round is extremely irritating! There always seems to be great photo ops at the Seattle Center, maybe I'll run in to you one of these times! Brian

David Koens
I second what CHiPs said! ;o) lol DK.

David McCracken
T/T......... again! Yes Wilson. It's OK!

Gul Chotrani
Wilson... Another great, blinding, capture - almost burnt my screen off... ;D}. I suppose you have a thing for moving/flashing lights. 7/7

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wilson ...! Next time I go out for night shoot ,I must remember to bring a pail of water. So I can try to create the wonderful reflection like you.
Wish me luck ..! lol lol .

Howard Dion
This is wonderful as seen through the eyes of Wilson, Master Maker of Illusionary Images. Wils, this one really really works for me. Bravo!

Cherlyn .
Illusion & reality, I am lost :) Trying to find my way , sorting through the striking shapes of colours & lights.

Kim Slonaker
Rain is your friend, Wilson.

Rick Behl
Interesting technique The technical details on this one are quite detailed. I like it though. Is the reflection real ?

Colin Carron
Great use of the wet ground.

Brad Kim
WOW.....!! Wonderful Night Photography, Wilson.

Kim Tural
Great night shot. It kinda looks like great glowing candy. Good work.

Paolo Nigris

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
What a terrific reflection:) Kind of abstract but real. Very well seen and captured.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback... CHiPs: Good idea. I'll load up a gallon of water and carry it everywhere I go . . . ^_^ McCRACKY: Thanks, man. Glad to see you back. GUL: Thanks. Yeah, moving, flashing, reflecting, colorful, . . . all of the above. HOWARD: So glad it hits your spot, Howard! CHERLYN: It's a lot of fun though, isn't it?! RICK: Thanks. Everything is real. Only PS work is to merge the different exposures (for highlight, for shadow, etc.) of same shot into one. KIM: Indeed, indeed. BRIAN: Next time out, give me a call ahead of time. We'll hang . . . BILIANA: Thanks for your visit. Always appreciate it. LOU ANN: You're right. I should've called this simply, "Fun Forrest." It's right in front of me all this time! DK: 2 Gallons so far. Anybody else? ^_^ COLIN: Thanks. Make that 3 gallons. ^_^ PAOLO: Thanks for your kind word. JAYME: Always appreciate your input. KNICKI: It's okay, not so blahzay. Thanks for taking the time. Yeah, maybe you'll need to return for a t-shirt at the very least. ^_^ KIM: It sure reminds me of a lollipop! BRAD: So glad you think so, Brad. Wilson ^_^

Alec Ee
Your signature style Wilson. Super.

Frank Melchior
Nice I will have to go there at night when it's raining, great effect.

Wilson Tsoi
"A Rainy Night in Seattle," lights are on, but nobody's home. "Fun Forest" is the little amusement park at the base of Space Needle at Seattle Center. On a rainy night, lights are on, but nobody's home. Feedback is welcome.

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