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peek a boo seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 24th of April 2005 04:53:33 PM


Sondra Kicklighter
An interesting composition, Wilson. I would like to see more of the butterfly. Cheers, Sondra

Kim Slonaker
The blurred edge of the rose seems to be competing with the butterfly. Very abstract look to this one.

David Koens
Nice one Wilson. DK.

Paula Grenside
Normally I'd say two poles of attraction: too many. But not here; the flower's beauty and transparency is excellent and this time the butterfly has to get less attention though beautiful. I love the composition as is; it's highly poetic.

Pnina Evental
Wilson, interesting angle! but I think that the flower takes too big a portion on the frame.the focus is on the butterfly's nice form, I think maybe it needed more of it. anyway I like the angle. Pnina

nabarun bhattacharya
I think the problem with this photo is .... both the butterfly and the rose fights for attention here. Since you had a gorgeous buttefly , IMO the focus should have been primarily on it with the flower to compliment. Regards.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I don't know which is more beautiful ... the butterfly or the flower. Great shot, Wils!

Watermark of Merni
7/7 Breathtaking !! This is very beautiful to me and takes my breath away. I love seeing inside the flower through this shade of pink. The inner colors shade is so beautiful, reminds me of sunlight. Then seeing the colors and patterns of the butterfly fill up the top corner. Your focus is good as the butterfly appears to be peeking over the flowers petals. Well done !

Ada Ipenburg
Amazing!!! Too much beautyness for my eyes:))) Shapes, colours, light, composition: 7/7/7/7

Colin Carron
Beautiful and original shot.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Another wonderful perspective! Very creative!

Dennis Jones
I do like everything about this about this one, Wilson. Great.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, DK: Thank you, sir. NABARUN: I actually have other variations with both more of the butterfly or more of the flower, but went with this as it's the best balance for me. Certainly some may prefer one or the other, probably no wrong here. Thanks for commenting though. LOU ANN: Thanks. Frankly, if they were not together at that moment, I probably wouldn't have tried to photograph this. PNINA: Thanks for your feedback. They'll all work, just differently for different people. I guess cropping a bit off the bottom would do it too. KIM: Thanks. They both compete, don't they? But then to me that's probably why this is a bit different. Stopping down a bit would make the petals sharper, but I didn't care for the accompanying darker background. Oh well, we'll try again. SONDRA: Thanks. Yeah, seems to be biased toward the flower, at least based on high percentage of feedback. Cropping off bottom might be in order. W. MERNI: Thank you much for your vote of confidence and enthusiasm. PAULA: Thanks for the positive comment. Very glad you feel so. ADA: Glad you like it! COLIN: Thanks for checking this out. JAYME: Thanks for your input, Jayme. DENNIS: Appreciate your visit always. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Peek-a-Boo," -ing butterfly. Feedback is welcome.

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