How long will it be I wonder before they have to start using traffic lights up there.

by Gordley James

how long will it be i wonder before they have to s seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Sunday 24th of April 2005 03:24:24 AM


Sky Blue
Soon as we all fly them... we will need lights! (wink) Alway like these contrails... they make some very interesting shots... I watch them even more since the Challenger left its final trail above the house. (God rest their souls) Thanks for posting this one.

James Gordley
Gaze... Kim, thank you for the compliment. Seeing that you enjoy gazing at this photo you have my blessings to view the larger version and save it for your desktop....enjoy

James Gordley
Lights Too many people spend too much time looking down at the ground. I like to call those kinds of people bottom dwellers. In the moments before I captured this image I almost crashed my car two or three times...perhaps I should look to the ground a bit more often. Thanks for the input Sky Blue.

James Gordley
Sunsets and skies Must have been a really busy day for the airports. What a spectacular show they left behind. All of your comments and suggestions are respected and appreciated.

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