The Bridge

by Gordley James

the bridge seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Friday 22nd of April 2005 04:06:44 AM


James Gordley
Photoshop Layers Well I could use an image manipulation program or digital darkroom as I like to call them to change the look of this picture, but then the talent would be in the post processing not the image capture. I think I will try the shot again using a few different filters. Oh yeah, I will alos take a few more steps to my left.

Alan Kolnik
This is well composed, with great colors in the tress across the river. The evening light has left you with a virtually white sky, and its a problem to deal with that because you need to retain the leaves and little posts on the bridge, otherwise it would be simple to paste this over a second layer of blue sky. The only real solution, I think, would have been to use a polarizing filter, and if that didn't work, a blue toned half filter to get some blue into the sky at time of exposure.

Alan Kolnik
Example I took a shot at adding a blue layer behind (I actually have a collection of clouds and skies I can use for this, but here just used a plain blue background). It'll give you an idea of what is possible, though you would need to do it more carefully than I have here

Pascal Chambin
A lovely well composed picture ! The colours are nice, but there's too much to the rigth. Pascal

James Gordley
An afternoon in the Metro Parks Trying to get this landscape thing down. Tell me what you think about this shot, and give me some advice on how it might be imporoved. All of your comments are welcome.

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