NF 73

by Peri John

nf nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Portrait

Published: Tuesday 19th of April 2005 09:14:16 PM


John Peri
Glad you like it. Best wishes, John

Vlad Tepes
Divine !!!!!!!!!!!! A splendid and divine model !!!!! She looks like an ancient greek goddess . Very feminine !!! The combination of the colours it is perfect . Congratulations ! I hope to see in the future more photos whit this model .

John Peri
Glad you like it. We have agreed to some more pictures next month ....

Vlad Tepes
More critiques . It's a dream girl !!!! Really , such a beautiful girl and feminine too you cannot see every day . I know John , I reppeat my self , but I was and I am very impresionate about this girl and about the way in which you have explore her beauty .

Douglas Keller
She looks like she's shy because she likes you so much. That makes the pose private and personal. The technical flaws add to the spontaneity; to its intimacy. But, the oddly-angled wall shadow at the upper-left might just be overkill. Beautiful legs; they seem so preciously wrapped beneath her... like some fleshy neutron bomb; her own private arsenal. Looks fun.

Edwin Mendoza
Tasteful, soft, feminine. Good work. Lighting and skin tones are also perfect to me.Well done. Please post more of this photo series.

John Peri
No, I don't think it is more in focus, in fact I don't think any of the picture i is really very much in focus at all! I like the pose and expression and so I posted the photo, but it's of pretty poor technical quality.

Filip Pizlo
This doesn't work for me. The glass in the background is more sharp than she is.

Paolo Cozzaglio
Wonderful tones, pose, expression and ambientation!

Michael Raddatz
!!!!!!!!works perfectly.

John Peri
Settee ..cont .

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