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Published: Tuesday 19th of April 2005 03:39:45 PM


Thomas Collins
John, these are lovely. You have captured the spirit of the moment and something of her personality. Well done!

C. Daunis
Both images are strong, I do like her gaze into the camera. What a happy, playful smile! She's captured in such an engaging way that the chair kind of fades.....awaayy...

John Peri
Thank you Biliana, I did actually remove it from some of this series ....

Larry McGarity
6/6 We should all have friends like this. This is a very nice photo. She is very photogenic. 6/6

John Peri
Let me start by the end ... when I was young, my father always told me that it took a lifetime to create a reputation and two minutes to lose it. No, any hand that is in any of my pictures is usually my own, though I can think of one exception that you may be refering to where the husband was once present at part of a shooting (I have posted pictures of these two under "couples"). I know about the difficulties that appear to prevail in the USA on this subject and maybe they arejustified, I am not really in the position to know. All the pictures that I do are in the privacy of my home or that of the model and I do not possess any special props or lighting. The majority of models I have only just met a couple of times here or there. In the long run, is it not just a question of attitude? Surely a young lady can feel instinctively whether she can trust someone or not? I am not suggesting that she should trust everyone indiscriminately, but are there not enough natural signs? Admittedly, many of my models are friends of friends, so I guess that does help too. But on the whole, this whole process is based on a relation of trust and friendship. Some of my very best friends now are among my ex- models, despite the differences of age, sex, and whatever other barriers people like to create among themselves.

Jodi N
Model does her own make up? John, I had commented a few of your work with questions. Now a couple more. I see that in one of your image that the model's hair is being prep or fixed by what seems to be a male's left hand. Now do all of them do their own make-up & hair, they bring their own clothes & props? Again in U.S., a lady has to be crazy to go to a shoot in photographer's home without a chaperone or at least a third party, be it a make-up artist, stylish, etc. How many people are involve in your shooting session? Thanks, John. Looking forward to see many more.

John Peri
Eurasia I have made a wonderful new friend who accepted to pose for me and allow me to post her pictures, which I will do in the next couple of weeks.

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