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Published: Monday 18th of April 2005 07:32:03 PM


Kim Slonaker
My only shot of the Space Needle was taken on a rainy day. I've thought about PSing the heck out of it, but it won't even come close to the images you've taken of it, Wilson. Another interesting view.

Joe Orsak
Like the idea. Seems a tad on the dark side (may be the monitor since I'm not at my home PC.) I think you have a serious volume of shots on the needle don't ya! Do you go back for multiple trips or is this another from the same shoot as your previous? At any rate, nice idea for angle (as usual) but it doesn't grab me like you other shots of this have.

Howard Dion
Wils, my monitor is calibrated. This one needs a little contrast to pop the color and it is a wee bit on the dark side. Great shot never the less.

Paula Grenside
This perspective against the blue sky is yet another angle for your riginal shots. Love it.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
The composition on this is excellent. The sublte shading of gray with the violet blue is a winner. Nicely abstract but a recognizable landmark!

Jason Lucas
Impressive Creativity I tried to do the same while I was visiting Seattle not too long ago. I had a lot of fun with the reflections in this building. Ironically enough (I live in Alaska), I think it was the AlaskaUSA building, can't remember which street though. I actually hope to be moving down there after the world trip (see Thailand comment) and will enjoy your future renditions of the city and the needle, if that's where you reside. Cheers.

J Doyle
Wilson, An amazing study in color and geometrical forms. Yet another wonderful citiscape! J

Pnina Evental
Wilson, I think that the blue background is good in accentuating all the geometrical lines, as well as the colors. I think that this series of yours is realy a remarkable work of art. Pnina

Linda Keagle
Wilson A spacey shot of the space needle....great point of view!!

Sarah Underhill
Unique veir, well done.

Richard Hans
UNIQUE!!! Wilson, perfect visual angle, nice color tones, fantastic composition with fine line play ,love it so much!!! 7/7 Best regards.

Pulok Pattanayak
Nice perspective and composition. Regards...

Wilson Tsoi
Joe, Glad you get to check this out. Yes, the Seattle Collection is bloating a bit. Gotta have at least a few that "grab" you. It took me a few trips down I-5, Joe, mainly to put an under-utilized Canon G3 through its pace during a long stretch of dormant winter. Eventually my A80 begged me to go out and play, so we did. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Jason, Quite a coincident really! Take a look at THIS which is the exact same building (interesection of 4th & Bell) that you took yours. Although they were taken at different time of day, (or different weather condition,) they were probably taken at about the same time of year (based on the tree branches.) ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback, HOWARD: Thank for the detailed feedback. Indeed it was a tad dark (shot at -2/3 compensating for psuedo human tripod, but forgot to dial it back,) but finally did make necessary adjustment. ^_^ KIM: Funny you should mention your shot of Space Needle on a rainy day. It was actually raining as I was shooting this! LINDA: Thanks for checking it out. J.DOYLE: Appreciate your kind comment, J. PNINA: Thank you much for your vote of confidence! PAULA: Always grateful for your visit. PULOK: Appreciate your feedback, sir. RICHARD: Very happy that you like it! JAYME: Very good point. It was indeed difficult to decide for an architecture, abstract, or travel category! SARAH: Thank you, Sarah. Wilson ^_^

ahmet ozkan
perfect I really like this shot. greetings.

CR: A microscopical photograph of the nervous system. Well structured, wonderful. REgards

Andrea Endisch
great abstract and colours, your pictures one after the other are an influence, thankfully, Andrea

Jay Patel
Unique angle and beautiful composition. Keep them coming...

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
WOW, Wilson! I love this!! Sorry I missed it when it was new. It's a great perspective. Keep 'em coming!

Wilson Tsoi
Andrea, Jay, Reiner, Tamtam, and Lou Ann, Thank you very much for all of your kind feedback. They are definitely appreciated. ^_^

Frank Melchior
Cool I tried this shot at night, I will post it later. Nice image Wilson

Joe Orsak
I figured this had to be the result of multiple trips. Man... I keep saying you need to sell some of yoru seatle stuff.

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Pure Art!

Wilson Tsoi
"Kaleidoscope." Continuation of different ways to shoot the Space Needle. Feedback is welcome.

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