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Published: Monday 18th of April 2005 02:28:01 PM


Dennis Jones
Nice work, Wilson. Rich colors and good detail.

John Boud
Very nice photo. Really sharp around the eyes and mouth.

Richard Hans
LOVELY!!! Just excellent, very different with others. 7/6 best regards.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Nice subtle colors with that really sharp eye! The eye looks surreal because of it's shape and size. Nice capture!

Kim Slonaker
Pleasing to look at and nice, sharp face.

Howard Dion
Very cool shot. I never knew butterflies watched us...as this gentle follow is obviousley doing.

CR: I dont know whats really going on there, but its a POEM! REgards

David Koens
Very nice picture Wilson. DK.

Vincent K. Tylor
I really like the composition here. You fill the frame very effectively Wilson. Colors too, are nice and warm. The only issue I have with this image is regarding the DOF. I believe if it was stopped down a bit more you could have the wings as sharp as the eyes. As it is, I have a litle bit of a hard time focusing on this shot. Is almost confusing to look at. I would imagine if you had one with better depth, you'd have posted it. Is still a nice catch as is, but with a cleaner image all the way through (the subject) this could be extra-special. 5/6 Is it warming up out there yet?? Aloha Braddah Wil.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all, JOHN: Thank you, sir. HOWARD: Neither did I! DENNIS: Thanks, Dennis. BTW, how in the world were you able to get a hold of a D2X so early? KIM: Thanks for checking this out. REINER: Would actually like to hear your poem, you know. ^_^ RICHARD: Very glad you like it! JAYME: Always appreciate your feedback. DAVID: Thank you much for your comment. VINCENT: Thanks for your insight, Brah. I'm not a macro expert, but I personally prefer not having the background in focus. That, to me, would be distracting. Nevertheless, I will experiment with different exposure combo like you've mentioned just to vary the effect. You know, some all sharp, and some with selective focusing. Mahalo! Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Vincent for further clarification. Certainly always appreciate your honest feedback. Got it about which blurry front wing. Admittedly though I'm a sucker for shallow d.o.f. I'll have to remember to stop down more next time to vary the amount of in-focus area. Mahalo ^_^

Vincent K. Tylor
Hi Wilson. I never suggested having the background in focus by the way. And I do agree a blurred background actually helps us to focus more on the subject itself. However, what I meant was that a good portion of the subject itself is out of focus. BOTH wings are so blurry that I have a hard time looking at this image without some straining or going into hyperfocus mode. His eye, underside and legs are very sharp. Both wings however not sharp at all, in fact are quite blurry. This situation can easily remedied by stopping down a bit more. I could almost live with his left wing since it is in the background and is somewhat discernable. The foreground wing however is just too out of whack here for this to work successfully for me. Again, just my honest opinion. You do have some marvelous work! Aloha.

Wilson Tsoi
"Basking" Giant Swallowtail. Please view, "LARGER." Shot hand-held with off camera flash in normal sync. Feedback is welcome.

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