Fjord in the evening from boat

by Dupin Eric

fjord in the evening from boat seeking critique dupin eric

Gallery: Norway

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Landscape

Published: Saturday 16th of April 2005 08:12:22 PM


Guillermo Mario Martinez Caballero
Nice view but ... Eric, perharps the grain is because you used a very speed film. Yous should put the camera on a tripod or work with different exposure. On the other hand the landscape is a nice view. Try to use a slow film ISO 100 at less it give your picture more fine grain.

Eric Dupin
Thank your very much for comments and suggestions. Mario, it's a digital picture, so it's noise more exactly than grain. This picture is taken with a tele-lens, so with mouvements of the boat, tripod is not a solution ! David, congratulations for your treatment of this picture. I tried myself to reduce noise with NeatImage, but finally I prefered the original picture. "Grain", in my opinion, give the impression of "fog" of evening I felt at this moment. But, may be, it's too personnal ! Anyway, thanks once more.

David Miller
The grain detracts IMO. Some noise reduction and perhaps some selective dodging and burning to enhance tonal separation would be helpful here. For your consideration...

Eric Dupin
Thank you for comment and rate Sorry for the grain, I had not much light... and may be it goes with the atmosphere...

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