Cleveland rocks!

by Gordley James

cleveland rocks seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Wednesday 13th of April 2005 03:14:25 AM


James Gordley
Chain chain chain... Andrew, I agree I wish that I had been using a better camera (was using an Argus 3810) when I took this shot. As I viewed the composition through the back panel LCD the chain (all of it) was in the frame. But the captured image did not catch it. (another reason to use a TTL viewfinder.

Andrew Bridges
Oh, I know what you mean about those deceptive viewfinders. I guess you'd have to pull back and get more in the frame to overcompensate, presuming that you'll crop it later.

Andrew Bridges
Ordinarily I'm not a big fan of the head-on, midpoint-horizon skyline shot, but I think this would be an attractive one with an alternate crop. Since the chain links define the bottom of the frame, why cut part of them out? Also, the sliver of the building visible on the left edge of the frame doesn't do anything for the composition, so a slight crop there would help. But even better than a perfect crop is a compelling angle that would make the viewer see the skyline in a different an unexpected way.

James Gordley
Reflections, and contrasting light I was attempting to get the deepest dof I could achieve with an Argus 3810 (point and shoot with manual controls) There was some good movement in the water and I wanted to get a blur in the reflection but there was way too much light for a longer exposure while keeping dof that I wanted. Any suggestions from you guys and gals would really be appreciated.

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