"Walk This Way"

by Tsoi Wilson

walk this way seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 13th of April 2005 01:02:09 AM


Hiroya Hamamoto
Fast & Slow, Dark & Bright World is made by the binary system, at least this photo is.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- I definately would not have recognized this as yours. However, it does remind me of your man in the park with the umbrella. I love the sepia tone and I am such a sucker for silhouettes. I really like this, the man's foot touches the boys hand, connecting them. Plus the shadow falling on the foreground also connects them. Perfect placement of the 2. The division of the composition into 3 vertically is also well composed. It looks as though you planned this very well instead of capturing it in an instant. I love it. Your diversity keeps us guessing!

John Dowling
Great framing A very interesting capture. I, too, wonder what's happening off camera. Well done!

Pnina Evental
A very unusual scene Wilson, very interesting composition with some mystery "story" going on. good sepia tones. Pnina

David McCracken
NOT classic Tsoi! I definitely would not have recognised this of one of yours. No colour for a start. The place looks vaguely familiar. Please do enlighten me.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Look like the meterman(carpark attendant) is here he better run faster .

Very interesting composition !

Howard Dion
Yes different, but different in a good way. My first reaction when looking at the image was something happened off camera. Well done. Really keeps you looking and wondering.

Henri Manguy
I think you would have choose one or the other person, not the two. My preference is for the boy, but even though, he is too much motionless.

Els Wetting
This is photography 7/7

Dennis Jones
Wilson Good eye, capture, exposure and composition. Nice.

CR: Thats life! (BTW: I should donate my next picture to you... ) REgards

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
She's right ... this IS photography. Great use of a natural frame. :-) I also love the silhouette ... as well as the detail behind it, which really makes it stand out. Great work as usual, Wils!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for commenting, HOWARD: Thanks for your feedback. JOHN: Thanks for checking it out. CHiPs: That's pretty funny! McCRACKY: Haven't heard from you for a while. This is in Stanley. You know, that historical Murray building that they moved brick-by-brick from Central or Admiralty. Yeah, just trying something different. ^_^ HIROYA: Thanks for the analagy! JAYME: Indeed that's my son in the forground playing with his sister (off the frame.) While they were playing, I waited until someone walked by in the background. PNINA: Very glad you like it. HENRI: Thanks, Henri. Always grateful of your input. I actually have several other versions with only the boy in it, but I really think that this version is definitely more interesting. Good point about having the subject in motion. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until next time. ^_^ 'ELSE: Thanks for visiting! LOU ANN: Very glad you like this. DENNIS: Appreciative of your feedback. REINER: Thanks. All donations gladly accepted. Wilson ^_^

Cherlyn .
Reiner has lead me(us) to this photo & very well he did, otherwise I would have miss this: a most interesting composition with lots of stories to tell, if you put your mind to it. Well, reminds me of my school days when teachers will show us a photo & request each student to come out with a story. This is definitely a good one .

Alec Ee
Cool! Just like a 7UP ad. The silhouette and his wavy hair.

Wilson Tsoi
"Walk This Way" Young & old, black & white, far & near. Your thoughts are welcome.

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