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Published: Monday 11th of April 2005 10:38:16 AM


Pim Geerts
speed-sensation!!! amazing speedsensation man! (could you erase the man in his safetyvest?) ;) That would complete the shot, now it's a little disturbing... 6/6

yup, agree with u about that guy, unfortunately I can't ask him to move from his location as he is one of the marshall in-charge. the other choice is I should just find another angle... will always keep this in mind in future events. Thank you for the comments.

Salvatore Mele
I like this shot more than the other downhill ones. I guess is due to the fact that (1) there is more panning effect to the right, effectively "warping" the biker and (2) there is more space below the bike giving a stronger "flying" effect., if we did not have that guy in his reflective green jacket... Regards, s.

David Roossien
You should be able to edit him out, if need be. I don't find him too distracting. Cool background effect.

caleb leggett
it is a great photo but it looks like there is a little too much blur. it is a little distracting but that is just my opinion

Scott Lewis
great panning job.

Downhill I... Downhill bikers... jungle (or rather a rubber estate) track down the hill... panning with flash. Comments are most welcomed. Thank you.

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