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by Peri John

ma nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Saturday 9th of April 2005 11:28:40 AM


John Peri
You are right about the hair. It happened when I darkened the background. I guess I will have to go back and correct it, but it will take some time and effort! Thank you Stephane.

John Peri
Sue, I guess it's her underwear.

Admiral Blur
Shutterspeed John, do you shoot at a fairly high shutter speed? Some of your shots seem to be very much stop-action... It seems like you use available light, so do you use a fairly wide-open aperture?

Sue Anna Joe
Ouh lovely model, and lovely legs, I like how it's positioned. But what bothers meis that white thing in between her hips, is that her dress as well?

Thomas Collins
Stunning! And the photography is pretty good too! ;-) Seriously, you did a great job on this one John. Thanks for sharing.

John Peri
Yes, frequently I do, because I like to capture a natural movement if possible. Somehow, I am more interested in them getting into a new position than when they get there ... it's often more graceful.

Stephan Brauchli
Beautiful model, but the hair looks unreal - almost as though she was taken from another shot and placed on the couch - anyway, you definitely have some nice shots :)

John Peri
glamour Glamour re-visited ...

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