Traveller near Gare de l'Est

by Dupin Eric

traveller near gare de lest seeking critique dupin eric

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Category: Street

Published: Friday 8th of April 2005 07:31:54 PM


Annamarie B
Curvy and dizzying. Unusual, strong and interesting composition. Great sky! It really completes the photo.

Panagiotis Labropoulos
Excellent composition!!!

jean luc lery
Superbe ambiance,tres belle composition.Dommage qu'on voit un peu trop le raccord avec le ciel

David Malcolmson
The sky does not look entirely natural here, was it 'transplanted'? There is a disparity between the lighting of the foreground and the sky.

Prevor Drake
Nice subject, but I look something strange in the sky. by th e way Nice shot!

Gabriel M. A.
I know how difficult it is to whip out your camera there and get what you want. Nice composition.

Panayotis Kouvarakis
There seem to be some digital artifacts (on the top half mostly): circular banding on the clouds, mackie lines around the two men and some patches like solarization in the middle (too much postprocesing?). I like the composition of the upper part, but the bottom seems too busy, the street lamp draws too much attention. An almost square crop look better to me (the lamp goes to the bottom edge and seems less important)

Eric Dupin
Right Jean, left of Gare de l'Est...

focus mankind
It's a great shot - congrats, but as said before the postprocessing is still to be recognized (if this is the newer version.) focus

Jean Stoque
good job d'une partie d'un escalier ࠧauche de la gare isn't it?

Jan Olof Härnström
Great mood and composition. Kind regards.

Vilnis Peimanis
You catched realy good sight. Well done!

Eric Dupin
confession OK, Ok, folks, may be I postprocessed this picture with a little to heavy hand ;-) And certainly, I did'nt well finished my work so it was easier to see it. I upload a new version wich correct little things. But I can tell you that is the real sky - just filtered with Kodak digital SHO. I also confess to have lightened the lampadaires... In fact, Il like to try to create a special atmosphere with quite ordinary pictures ! Thanks for your comments !

mario balzan
Splendid shot.

Hanggan Situmorang
Great angle and composition, here. Nice BW tone, as well. Dramatic clouds, excellent.

Brian Cheng
Nice I like the black and white as it extract the mood from the atmosphere!

Henri Manguy
Bonne composition, mais elle serait encore meilleure, a mon avis, sans la grille et la lampe au premier plan.

Giorgio Nunzio Cecca
Je l'adore ! Framing - Maybe the bottom is too busy, but the stair is very very powerful in leading my sight to the top of the image: the traveller, so clear and important against the sky. Postprocessing - Deep postpr. is possible and usual with film photography so (I wonder) why one should avoid it in digital? p.s.: superb reportage de Paris!!!!!!

Eric Dupin
Thank you for comment and rate Alone among a crowd...

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