Beech Cathedral

by Wakelin Barry

beech cathedral seeking critique wakelin barry

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Published: Friday 8th of April 2005 05:51:54 PM


michael mcconnell
Wow! This reminds me of one of those places that you just look at and feel lucky to be alive. The name that you have chosen is perfect. At first glance I thought of a church. Anyway, great contast, color, range and composition. Only one complaint with the image, you took a great shot on an imaging suface the size of a postage stamp. Other than that, I'm a fan of it. rgds, Michael

7/7 just for the tees :)

Maria Bostenaru
Rheinaue Nice to see your picture, it is a much better shot than I was able to make looking at a similar landscape (well, the colours were not so variate). The photo attached is shot in the shire of the Rhein, Germany. Looks like similarly rainy weather generates similar landscapes [I hate the amount of rain here in Germany]

Laura Comellas

Anish Desai
i agree with the above comment about the tree on the right, but aside from that, this is a beautiful and very eye catching image. i have a technical question: if there was a light overcast, then my question is answered, but if not, how were you able to keep the exposure under control? in situations like these, i always get too much contrast, either blowing out the highlights, or sending the shadows to black. -anish

Alberto B.
very nice.

Catalin Ropot
Fabulous colours and a beautiful cast of shadows. Wish I was there.

jerry beecham
My compliments! This is one of those images that can be manipulated over and over again with great results. You have so much to work with in this one. The hardest thing is deciding when it is 'done'. Great work!

Niranjn T
Looks beautiful! Slightly weaker light would keep the details in the flowers as well as make them pop out more. A higher vantage point, with the camera tilted down a bit may also be more effective -- though you were probably on foot and there was no convenient tree to climb. The rightmost tree placed at the very edge of the image doesn't help the composition I think. Anyway, I complain too much. It's certainly a good image, one that I would be happy to experience large.

Eddy Montreal
It's very beautiful!

James Bencke
Hi Barry, great image and a good job of holding the highlights. I disagree about the tree on the right. I think it anchors the image for me. One idea I had is this might look good if you crop just above where the branches arch in the middle of the frame....just a thought. Thanks for sharing.

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Excellent and colorful composition!

Neil Fortescue
Excellent. 7/7

Barry Wakelin
For Anish Anish, it was very misty outside of the wood so the light was very diffuse.

Longtang Lin
amazing color.. and light effect.. Longtang Lin

John Myers

Mariellen Romer
Wonferful light and mood I's not my imagination - they were more profuse a few years ago! here you have set the bench mark for how to do these blue bells. Mine are in or near Micheldever too, but looking nothing like! Kudos to you on these luminous images...

Andrew Campbell
Absolutely wonderful work. Best regards.

CheyAnne Sexton

I Just Love the light here, so soft and early. The length of the trees add a beautiful swaying motion that these beautiful trees look to be leaning into. And then I look down to all that glorious color and these look as if they are dancing at the feet in celebration of life.  Just a stunning image all the way around.  I found this over at Pinerest and I'm repinning this at

peace n abundance,


Adam Kis

Such unreal color! One of the best photos I've seen in a long time.

Michael Sulka

Wonderful forest scene, well done!

Barry Wakelin
A glorious sight Every May, Micheldever Wood in Hampshire turns into a wonderland of colour. The bright, spring green of the beech leaves complement the blue/purple of the bluebells and make it a mecca for photographers throughout southern England.

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