by Korkmaz Arif Tanju

cesarean fuji finepix s istanbul seeking critique korkmaz arif tanju

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Published: Wednesday 6th of April 2005 11:14:02 PM


Bolti Ankheen
Great Idea n nice composition. Regards

Murat Korkmaz
cong. great idea.. :) regards..

Laiz Kuczynski
The first original bird photo i've seen here.

Israel Onell
Originality It how I describe this picture. Well done.

Manou Reva
so cute a photo ! :)

Sasho Alushevski
LOL very good...:-)))

Reza Shadpay
7/7 I'm glad cuz I'm first! person to visited, rated and wrote comment for this photo. very very original. it's like caricature that I'm interesting in. very fuuny title (Cesarean). Congratulation.

Ada Ipenburg
Hilarious!!!! 7/7 Arif, this is too funny! How original you are. This is such a great shot. The colours are beautiful and I can only laugh about it! It makes me happy. Thanks Arif! Best Regards, Ada:)

Lauren Keenan
This made me giggle. That poor chick :p

ahmet ozkan
brawo soze gerek yok..zaten biliyorsun dostum..sevgiler.

Huseyin Gursu
7/7 Excellent job. Bravo!!!

Bela Lugosi
Excellent !!

yalcin bocugoz
7/7 Very original ,congrajulations and best regards..

Bente Nielsen
LOL!!!! Pretty sure the little creature wants togo back .. please unluck the egg again.

Douglas Stemke
Boy, I split a gut viewing this one. Nicely done! I would only add that a little highlight in the eyes of your patient would spruce it up a bit.

seckin aziz top
7/7 very creative.excellent work...(emeginize deger nefis bir calisma.tebrikler.tam puan..:))

Pitman Lee
Heheh, good one, I like. :0)

A. Taner
Merhaba Arif, this is awsome stuff! Some catch-light in the poor thing's eyes (a bit of room for improvement in the lighting), and 7s would do injustice to the shot. Cheers.

Allon Kira
7/7 This is what originality is all about! great idea!! Rgds, allon.

Salih G├╝ler
7/7 excellent idea:=) cong.

hilmi m
7/7 great job, cong.

Bora Benic
Tanju, 7/7 Perfect work.Cong.

kadir barcin
Great work,congrats...

Mustafa Sahin
7/7 Excellent !! Arif bey, mukemmel ..

Michele Gereon
7/7 Fantastic work!!!

Arif Tanju Korkmaz
to all Thanks for valuable viewings and comments

Gaetan Chevalier
7/7 Great idea, excellent execution. Bravo.

cano trueba francisco
Excellentexcellent Muy Bueno :)

Aivar Mikko
Excellent photo.

Dave Pugh
Very creative. What did you do to that poor chick, or was it really new born?

Ugur Atila
hi Very creative idea. Best wishess.

Bilal Zaheer
very creative indeed. amusing and a bit disturbing at the same time (I just happen to be a sensitive person). makes me feel sorry for the poor little chick. keep it up!

Wayne Melia
Gotta love it!
Congrats and thanks for sharing

Vanessa Villegas?
Muy original!!!que gracioso!!

Elena Platonova
7/7 :))!!!

Emrah Icten

7/7 Superb!

George Vachev
one word! one word- BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAR ! /well 3 words.../ :)

Dragos Alexandru
good work. very creative and non-conformist. Regards!

Sarah Martin
Very cute, original concept...

Tatjana Adizes
Oh.... Fantastic!!!I wish him long halty life! :) 7/7

ivana kusman
very creative work! well done!

s3gattto! s3gatto!
New title My personal title: "Mad Scientist". Great ;)

Sauciuc Gabriela
7/7 excellent!

Arif Tanju Korkmaz
Cesarean :) Thanks for your comments and critiques

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