Mr 14

by Peri John

mr nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 6th of April 2005 04:24:51 PM


Evita Dzanuskane
I like it. Very gallant.

John Peri
I guess by pixelised you mean lacking in definition? Anyway, there wasn't as much light, hence definition, as I would have wished and that is why I tried fooling around a little with the photo later .....

Angel Pena
love it, ...pose, exposure, angle, light... I feel tension in her, something unusual in your models.

Vi P
The woman is a bit pixelised, which is a pity, cause as Alex Lee says the pose is great - very voluptuous and seductive, but at the same time her innocent face sort of makes it lighter. The shoes add the kick :) Like it.

Al Li
John, I like this pose.

Tom Fawls
I don't know, Jonathan, I think it's on;y 9 times better. :D Great shot, as always, Mr. Peri.

John Peri
I guess this is the version with stripes that no-one likes ... an excess of zeal on my part maybe!

Jonathan Lobb
yes! the one without stipes is 10 times better. I love it!

no stripes - my vote too Yep, I prefer the straight shot. Nice pose. Nice is such a nothing-ey word. But its really NICE. Its soft and warm feeling. Great legs and great body by the looks of things. Not wnating to be Mr Perv - do you have a shot without her hands covering her breasts? This is such a good pose that I think this would look even better if the models left hand was elsewhere (but I can't think of where?) Shoes - good touch. You have good attention to details. Time to rate the shot.

John Peri
Frankly, I don't think that the hand would look as graceful if placed elsewhere, though I may be wrong, but thank you for your comment.

Jeroen Schouten
Wonder if the stripes make the image or if it would stand on its own without them

Jonathan Lobb
the diagonal stipes are distracting. The photo would be much better without. Other than that it looks good. Great DoF, good exposure, interesting shapes. Plenty of good leading lines.

Heather Watt
Was looking through your photos...found this wonderful shot. The highlights are perfect, and the pose doesn't seem "forced". Very well done.

Jerry Andersson
Pleasant What a very pleasant way to fill a rectangle. I find people sometimes try to over stimulate; put too much stuff in their pix. I like the way, using only one model, you fill the picture with quantities of angles. Thanx.

John Peri
Shadows and shoes .. Just a silhouette with shoes ....

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