by Soini Hannu

untitled contax seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Monday 4th of April 2005 08:57:09 PM


Salvatore Mele
I like the texture-over-texture result you've achieved. We've all those dominating diagonal lines and, on top of it, scattered points and patterns in the transition between light and shadow. I also like the way several hues of the same blue cast contribute to the abstract feel of the picture.

Nicholas Price
Hello Hannu. You have captured great details here, and this image is certainly best viewed "Larger". I love the colour cast, but was wondering if this was the "out of the camera" image? 6/6 Regards, Nick.

Hannu Soini
. Thank You Salvatore and Nick for your comments! Actually the photo came out like this when scanned (color negative as it is) -with "moist profile"- which might have added some blue to the photo....

Hannu Soini
Cliff surface on a mountain Blue Cliff surface ice patterns after temperature changes. How do You like it?

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