Portrait of Linda

by Simon Janosch

portrait of linda seeking critique simon janosch

Gallery: Fine Art

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 4th of April 2005 03:33:26 PM


Alejandro Keller
You really know how to get the best of the model, the lights, everything... Cannot add anything just sit and enjoy your beautiful work. Alejandro

Dougity B
I kind of agree with Christian Mendes, except her hands don't appear natural. I mean, I get a strong sense that she's covering up because she's been told to, not because she feels like it, or because it fits in with the pose. There is an awkwardness that, in my opinion, creates a stilted, posed feeling. But, the lighting is very, very good, and her skin looks great, thanks to exposure and toning.

Christian S. Mendes
7/7 Very good ligth and composition. Sexy and classy. You did very well the art of "show but not show" that makes a nude photografy very interesting.

Francesco Ces
I go with Doug on this one! completly agree! 6/7 FrancescoM

Luis Ocampo
Beautiful skin tones. Very sensual pose too.

Amin Ostovari
7/6 very well done

fractal world
Very very very clean picture. Maybe too much posed. I love the tone. ///A

Tim Bewsey
nice lighting

Guillermo Mario Martinez Caballero
Very different pose, nice light exposure and well done about medium tones and details in shadow areas.

Peter Lehmann Hansen
Very good!

Armindo Lopes
Very nice pose and tones.

Janosch Simon
"In these arms what do you think? regards Janosch

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