"Millennium Park" (Version II)

by Tsoi Wilson

millennium park version ii chicago tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 3rd of April 2005 06:17:51 PM


Dennis Jones
Color and sharpness are top notch, Wilson...well done.

Howard Dion
I wonder if the people of Chicago know they look this good to the rest of the world? Interesting notion don't you agree?

Jon Thornton
Another great graphic cityscape Wilson.

ahmet ozkan
perfect another great shot.congrats.

Giuseppe Miriello
Hi wilson. This one is particularly colorful and intresting. Very hot ad bottom as cold and steelike at top. Chicago really offers nice spots to those who dares search for them.... i'll have to get there sooner or later (if wife follow ;-) )... regards.

Allon Kira
Another fantastic A80 image, Wilson!! I love the comp. and the colors of this one. Cheers, allon.

Kim Tural
You have truly mastered these city shots! Hey Paul! Which way would you rotate? ;~)

Guillermo Lobera Temes
Great color.

Marina Cano
Fantastic colour Wilson.

Tony Georgiadis
Amazing night shots with fantastic colors and composition as usual Wilson.

Andrea Endisch
Great one, with those burning charcoals at the bottom and the blinking criss cross metals. Does the architect already know what he has build?

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Another wonderfully interesting image! Amazing.

Colin Carron

Bolti Ankheen
very clean n colorful shot. one suggestion is, try star filter on such kinda shots. regards.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all, GIUSEPPE: Appreciate your comment. Indeed the Windy City has lots to offer. Only wish that the Cloudgate sculpture was available. DENNIS: Thanks Dennis for your kind words. JON: Sure glad you like it. TAMTAM: Thanks, thanks. HOWARD: Very good point indeed, Howard. Often we overlook our own surroundings. Always greener on the other side of the fence, eh? MARINA: Thanks for your comment. GUILLERMO: Thanks. PAUL: Thanks. I know you're being sarcastic, but I do have a straight one ready to serve up. KIM: Thanks! How about 360 degree. ^_^ ALLON: Thanks for your feedback! ANDREA: I'm sure the architect knew what he had built, but I'm not sure if he really knows how good it can look. ^_^ JAYME: Thanks for your compliment. COLIN: Glad you like it! TONY: Very meaningful coming from you. BOLTI: Thanks for the suggestion. I guess it's a matter of taste. Some will prefer it with more starburst, some would rather see them naturally aspirated. Glad that you dropped in. Wilson ^_^

Ray Wei
A great wilsonistique piece.

Kim Slonaker
Ooops, just assumed it was Seattle. I've never been to Chicago and usually just go around Seattle and not through it. Next time, we'll try and do a group meeting. I know there are a few PNers in your area. We should be going back up in September.

Kim Slonaker
I was actually in your area on the trip up to Canada, Wilson, and the city sure didn't look like this! It was grey and drizzly. You sure do make it look colorful and appealing. We met Thomas Dunkerly for lunch, though, and it was really cool to meet a fellow PNer.

Wilson Tsoi
Kim, How neat that you get to meet a fellow member in reality. Quite bummed though that you didn't let me know when you're in the area. May be next time? BTW, this doesn't look anything like Seattle because it's Chicago, but that's ok. The Windy City locals didn't think that highly of the +$1 billion park neither. ^_^

Jeremy Podolski
My kind of town Your travel shots are among the best I've seen on this site. I think a great many of them are unique and interesting. I particularly like this shot and others from my favorite city.

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