"Chicago Twilight"

by Tsoi Wilson

chicago twilight seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 2nd of April 2005 07:49:36 PM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Another great shot from Chicago, Wils! Have you ever photographed DC? I'd love to see some of your results from here. :-) Anyway - I like the deep colors that you capture in the sky ... and the sparkles from the lights on the overhead beams draw the eye into the shot! I also like the slant!

Howard Dion
Another amazing eye dazzeling image. I like the angle on this one and the star effect on the lights. Well done.

Alec Ee
Lovely composition Wilson. The ideas you come up with are amazing.

Dennis Jones
Well done composition and exposure. A great series you have going....

Cherlyn .
"Starry starry night..." Love your angle & perspective as well as this beautiful glittering city.

Paolo Nigris
7/7 Another great one

Kim Tural
A truly spectacular shot. Love the angle and the colours. I think this is my favorite of your series. Congrats!

CR: I love the great "composers". RE

Colin Carron
Astonishing stuff!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Love the perspective shift. The dome arch is super! Really well done Wilson.

Paula Grenside
Awesome perspective, Wilson; the stars are just the magical addition.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your comments, LOU ANN: I have not been to DC for over a decade and would absolutely love to do a DC! PETE: Very glad you like it. CHERLYN: I almost titled it as such. Thanks. PAOLO: I appreciate feedback. MICHAEL: Very glad you thought so. HOWARD: Always value your feedback. DENNIS: Thanks. The bar keeps on rising however. ^_^ ALEC: Appreciate comment for a veteran PN. KIM: Thanks for checking out the whole series! REINER: Thanks, RE! JAYME: Always appreciate your comment. COLIN: Glad you enjoy it. PAULA: Thanks. They were fortunately there in abundance. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Chicago Twilight," a view through Millennium Park concert ground shell. Another take of Chicago from recent trip. Pretends to be a 67 format by cropping. Please view L A R G E R as there is too much compression artifacts. Other images from the trip are Looking Up, Millennium Park, Early Morning in Windy City, and Skyscrapers. Feedback is welcome.

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