by Soini Hannu

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Published: Saturday 2nd of April 2005 06:49:48 PM


Hannu Soini
Sharpening there is sharpening -strength 1, on a scale to 20 which is not much- and the crystals were not very small. The web pic of this size look even more unnatural when there is no sharpening at all. The original scan is is so big that I cannot import it:) I come with the small jpg once iti is avaible. Thank You for your comment and interest.

Tachion Feynman
Post processing? This is interesting and artistic. Something about the texture that I like about these icey closeups you made. I wonder though if in the post processing there was too much sharpening. It seems like that, where the extra sharpening makes grains look so sharp they are unnatural looking. I would find it interesting to see this photo in particular without the processing.

Dilip Kumar Singha
Excellent texture and some how rare view also. Reduction of sharpness and contrast may give some soothing and natural look. Congratulations for this nice shot!

Hannu Soini
Crack in Cliff Winter view on cliff crack. How do You like it ?

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