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Published: Thursday 31st of March 2005 08:47:54 PM


Amar Khoday
Wow what a prize winner John. Love it and very different from your usual work.

John Peri
Far far from perfect. But what I like is the baby's fists. He looked at me and waved them at me ferociously as if he wanted to box my ears!

Howard Dion
This child is going to grow up and be the master of his own destiny...for sure.

Paul M. Woods
I think you should crop out the mother(?)... the baby's expression is a prizewinner!

Larry McGarity
You've got to love the look on that childs face. Definately a memorable protrait. 5/6

Monica V
Brilliant Nothing to add.

W J Gibson
great baby shot baby's expression is terrific....I find with portraits my eyes always seek out the subject's eyes and when I look to the mother, I assume it is the mother, I can see only the white of her right eye as she looks off to her right...which is a little bit less than ideal...but of course it is hard to get one person's expression into a photo and by adding a second person I find I double the chances that one or both pairs of eyes will blink in synchronization with my pressing the shutter release... regards, Bill

Bill Rogers
Miniature Adult! He doesn't really look like a child in this photo -- he looks like a miniature adult. And he DOES NOT like to be photographed.

Hilary Allen
ha! that look is CLASSIC! i cropped it to where it was just him and his favorite food source and it's just great. How you been??

Roland Lacson
Like much the expression of the baby & with the mom looking away really makes a fantastic portrait, perfect in monochrome. Tones look good, well captured & timed John.

Bob Donlon - Albany, NY
2 and 1/2 men, plus 1? that face is a classic and for some reason, reminds me of what Charlie Sheen could've looked like as a baby. Great shot.

Catherine Pahou
I think the message is clear.. SHOULD HAVE ASKED FIRST :D

John Peri
Pay attention Let's just get something straight - who is the boss here!

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