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Published: Wednesday 30th of March 2005 04:43:03 PM


Warren Williams
Absolutely outstanding. The detail in her hair is great and the deepness, darkness and allure of her eyes quite remarkable. Warren

Domenico Ferraro
no words Pavel, i love your work. If you need an italian assistant... i'm here!!!

Dean Fryda
7/7 Stunning portrait! The lighting and framing are perfect, as well as your choice to use BW. Her eyes and the expression on her face just draw you in. I?ve come back a few times to look at this portrait. Keep up the great work!

Mujahid Awais
6/7 Petrov,s suggetion is right for improving yours photography, Very nice art work, Good monochrome work.

Armindo Lopes
Beautiful almost low key image!

Petre Petrov
This girl is a terrific model, especially when shot in profile. This is not my favorite shot of her. You have used a short focal length and it shows. The nose stick out a little bit too much.

Basil Gromov
+++ beauty + good photographer = 7/7

Sasho Alushevski
simple beauty ...

atalay karacaorenli
atalay karacaorenli I like this work pavel.

Longtang Lin
7/7 yes,, I think you are one of teh best protrait photographer in P/N/... Your model and your skill are perfertly match.. Longatng John Lin

Florin Cojoc
7/7 This may be the best portret i have ever seen

Yuri Bonder
7/7 7/7

David Younghans
A Perfect Moment. Well Done.

Vicki Passmore
7/7 Beautiful subject Beautiful portrait.

Jedidiah Smith
Fabulous Lighting! Pavel, I love the lighting on this shot! It is a fabulous B&W portrait. If you don't mind, I will have to try to duplicate this shot with my wife someday! It is very flattering how the eyes are bright, along with the right side of the cheek and chin. It makes the viewer's eye wander around the photo and not lose interest.

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