Playboy Bunny

by Simon Janosch

playboy bunny seeking critique simon janosch

Gallery: Fine Art

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 30th of March 2005 06:30:19 AM


Dave Gardner
Excellent!!!! The composition is fantastic...wall material. dave

Antonio F
Wonderful frame good composition Antonio

Michael Northrop
Sensual Black and White Well done. The composition is spectacular and the lighting is dramatic. A nice representation of a strong, feminine woman.

Francesco Favretto
7/6 7/6

Geoff Powers
The tactile quality of this image is what makes it so appealing. The jewelry and piercings are juxtaposed against the fabric and the skin. I also like the eroticism while maintaining a little modesty. Some of the "Nude" category images belong in Hustler. This one does not.

glamour excellent. Optimal composition, very made. It compliments

John Webster - Modesto, CA
the strong, decorated feminine--well done.

Michael Northrop
I like the "Wonder-Woman" pose. The angle, composition and lighting add to the strong feminine appeal that is contained within.

Jesús Pizarro
7/7 Excellent and sensual composition. Great lighting and definition. A greeting.

Matthew Menton
Pictures like this are more sexy and sensual in more cases than the ones that feature actual nudity. The only thing I may have reconsidered for this is the bracelets. Too much metal on the one hand for my liking. The belly ring would probably have been enough for me. Great picture none the less.

frans hartman
very, very nice! so sharp and yet perfect soft color, well b/w:) personally i would have shown a little bit more of her bra just to the top of it. But anyway...this is a great picture!!

John O'Donnell
Not the most original but very nicely executed. Nice model.

Tom van Lammeren
excellent. Optimal composition.

Gregory Machin
Last comment A good play on sexual dominance,

Janosch Simon
"Playboy Bunny" "Playboy Bunny"

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