"Early Morning in Windy City"

by Tsoi Wilson

early morning in windy city seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 29th of March 2005 06:10:54 AM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
7/7 Exceptional skyline, Wilson! I love the colors and the brights/darks. Bravo!!

Dennis Jones
Wilson Again a fine job in the digital darkroom compliments your photographic skills...Yes it works....

Paula Grenside
A cityscape that reflects the colors of a gorgeous sky. Very well done, Wilson.

Christopher Appoldt
You know, I lived in Chicago up until 7 months ago, and woke up early to take a skyline precisely 6 times. Rained every time:( Love it, Wilson!

CR: A fine appearance the visitor is busy with regarding the different "boxe's" sides in their different colours and lightings. Clever the lamp loosening up the low part. REgards

Paolo Nigris
Really great, one of the best.7/7

Kim Tural
Pleasing to my eye. ;~)

Andrea Endisch
early morning? Do you want to tell us that the night-in-the-city-with-screaming-lights-series is over? What a shame! Anyway, great landscape!

Pitman Lee
Great job, you got style! :0)

Howard Dion
Works for me just fine like a box of really good dark chocolates. Yum, yum.

Colin Carron
I like the blue buildings against the red sky then red buildings below. Very effective!

Ken Beilman
Wils Some more great A80 work. Crystal clear with very nice details and textures.

Ada Ipenburg
This looks like a scale-model, Wilson. I like the gradual way the different buildings are placed. The colours are magnificent, as always!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wonderful capture. The pink really sets off the gray of the buildings. They look so.... smooth. And the light pink reflection off the face of the one building is perfectly placed within the composition. Super!

Wilson Tsoi
Really appreciate all your feedback REINER: Sure glad you noticed all the details. HOWARD: Very true indeed! ANDREA: Of course not since after each morning, an evening later follows. That's what's great about life, eh? KIM: Glad it pleases. PITMAN: Thanks, and so do you! DENNIS: Always appreciate your feedback. You're too kind. LOU ANN: So glad you like it. PAUL: Doesn't it? Thanks. CHRIS: Thanks! With that kind of luck, maybe you'll need to come to Seattle and the rain will stop. ^_^ PAULA: Appreciate your kind words. COLIN: Thanks Colin. Very glad you like it. PAOLO: Thank you much for checking this out. KEN: Thanks, Doc. Always grateful of your visit! Wils ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Early Morning in Windy City," my view out hotel window. Taken around quarter til 6 in the morning. Works for you?

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