by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 27th of March 2005 09:19:20 PM


Landrum Kelly
John is a woman magnet, Howard. That stride is impressive, John.

anne knes
7 / 7. I adore the urban picture, and if they are small beautiful better, this square this I magnify JOHN, I congratulate you. And thank you to spy me. kisses anne...

Tawhid Uddin
No nudity!!!!!!! :-)6/6

John Peri
A brief look closer up before she walked briskly out of my life ...

John Peri
Well, I could always try and ask her to remove the turban next time ...!

Yuri Bonder
7 / 7. 7 / 7.

Naftali Raz
energy well captured. perfect background. and my admiration for anyone who can walk that fast in those shoes.

John Peri
Mannequins that seduce you then walk off at a brisk pace ... sounds great ...

daniel mendez
is real the model or is maniqui?

Howard Dion
Okay John! Thought you should know I stood up and clapped my hands. Candid street photography and you find beautiful women.

John Peri
A passing fantasy ... Well, I guess I said it all below ..

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