Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Jean Stoque
master piece the great studio of.....camargue

Iren Nagy
Awesome capture! I've never even SEEN a flamingo fly! Thanks for capturing it so well! 7/7

Bas Scheffers
How did you light it? How did you light this shot? It looks like the sun is behind and below the bird, yet the side if the side we see seems well lit while the lower/far neck seems in shadow. (could be the wing) Was this from very close with flash? Or a composite? Or am I just crazy?

Ognian Radoslavov
totaly the best 77

jean luc lery
Un r鳵ltat fantastique.Bravo

Adam Donaldson
Like fine art painting Beautiful! Looks like a painting. Birds can be very frustrating critters to photograph in flight, I've tried many a time, hence I can appreciate this image for more than just it's beauty.

Kraig Cuddeford
impossible lighting, nice work.

Complimenti!!una foto davvero bella. Colto l'attimo

Jos Van Poederooyen
Beautiful Great Image!

Stephen Galea

Angel Pulido Domínguez
Great Picture!!

Tutte Peever

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Great capture!

A. Toscano
7/7 Perfecto vuelo, gran definicion y color. Saludos.

Larry McGarity
This is fabulous. It gets a 7/7 from me and I wish I could give it more. Successfully photographing birds in flight is no small achievement at any time. Getting one of this quality is an exceptional accomplishment. This photo makes me envious. Makes me want to try harder too. Its simply beautiful.

Shawn Shawhan

Rod Melotte
Finally - a great bird shot - I am so freaking tired of birds getting big ratings - however - this deserves one - well done!!!!

Miguel Angel de Arriba Cuadrado
7/7 Excellent work!

Leonid Dombrovsky
7/7 It is really great shot!

Jose Morales
Great job. Prefect everything!!!! 7/7

Marc Aubry
7:7 Simply Incredible.. I love this shot so much.

Jean-Paul Nacivet
FLIGHT NUMBER:7/7 Bravo "Captain Thierry"!!!!!!!! When cloudy day is so much better than blue background.

Talal Yafi

Marina Cano

Marta Eva LLamera
W O W... !!!

Vezon Thierry
Explanations Thanks for all nice comments Lighting:first I have rent an helicopter to fly with the flamingos,I had 2 assistants with me with flashes(james Bond girls)for a big fill-in.That's all.In fact this picture was taken with 300 mm lense that is 450 in argentic in a day with no sun and the background was not very nice. So i sature a little the colors and change the background.I could not resist but except for the tigers the pictures of my nature portfolio are not manipulated.Sorry for my bad english.

Wayne Willis
very nice composite or not it works

jason sheridan
Any technical info ? Vezon, A few people have queried now...how was this image produced ? - has it been digitally altered ?

Jim McConnell
Excellent shot, great focus and dof, 7/7

Michael Roark
My first thought was "composite". The subject lighting does not match the background lighting. Also the background looks like a fairly wide patch of sky, taken with maybe a 50 or 35 in 35mm. Given the physical size of the subject I doubt these were taken with the same focal length lens.

Saul Santos Diaz
77 maravillosa esa luz esa pose, ese cielo es magica la iamgen, felicidades y un cordial saludo

Al Magnus
C'est vrai qu'elle plait bcp... mais la lumiere t'a trahi. Ca va pas. Non seulement le sens de la lumiere, mais surtout au niveau de la colorimetrie. Le bleu avec le jaune. Par ailleurs la decoupe sur le plumage arriere est trop nette.. et bleu. Amenes au club, ca peut faire l'objet d'une activite... A+

Vanessa Villegas?
great!!parece la historia interminable, sin ser dragon!!

Jean Stoque
captain THIERRY i like your explanation.........and your picture

Sergio Angulo
fantastic capture. Almost unreal

Michael Lowe
Why all the orgasms over a fake shot. Why were you not upfront before asking for any critiques?

Jeff Germo
superior shot!!! wish i had three thumbs. they'd all be pointing up.

Landrum Kelly
Manipulated or not, this is an incredibly good shot. I have never seen a flying flamingo in my life. --Lannie

JH de Beer (RSA)
OK If I can shoot a nice bird (with a camera), in the air, in flight, without a helicopter and two girls and flashguns, and keep the original sky - it will cost me much less and will be more rewarding I think. But is it possible? Something to strive for, though I suspect all the great birds pics we see go together with huge expenses, days to spare, and big big lenses. So the chance that amateurs with basic gear can come up with something like this is remote. But we'll keep on trying. Very pleasing and soothing image Vezon, well done and kudos for all the trouble you went through. Do you do it professionaly, e.g sell images like these to fund all the expenses? - I'm just interested. Thanks JH

John Mathieson
Masterful - a real work of art. On a down note - I see that SOMEHOW you got some 3s and 4s. These must be bogus. What a great image!!!

Florian Rivoal

harvinder singh
flying Brilliant..... nice shot

Carlos Gonzalez
Brilliant What the hell, is all I can say...one of the best photos I have seen in a long time. Amazing...no joke...perfect!!

Steve Bingham
Beautiful, magnificent lighting. A stunner.

Altug Ozgenlik
Nice shot! Very nice shot! Superb... 7/7

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