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skyscrapers chicago seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 26th of March 2005 03:22:01 AM


Howard Dion
Okay amazing photo dude. I have a new name for this image. How about Chickadee and Chickadoo. Chickadee is the girl building and Chickadoo is the boy building.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
7/7 COOL, Wilson!!!! What a fabulous sense of perspective this shot gives!!!!! FABULOUS!!!! I love the colors. You've been doing fabulous night images lately. Bravo (again!!!)!!!!

Tony Georgiadis
Nice colors and angle as usual Wilson.

Asla Vihervuori
Oh! Great angle, great colours!

ahmet ozkan
superb. excellent image.congrats.

Calvin Lee
Nice job.

Alejandro Emilio Fernandez
7/7 excelente

Colin Carron
Unmistakeably WT! I like the perspective and the added punch from the round window on the left.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Ok.... I am imagining just what position you were in when you took this picture. Flat on your back? What a wonderful perspective, not only up but angled. The color is remarkable and the composition & exposure is perfect. Wonderful! I'm not giving you a 7/7, not because you don't deserve it, I fear I have given you more than PN allows in 7/7 and mine might be deleted as the rating police monitor the ratings. So how about 7/6? Maybe it will stick! But definately a 7/7 in my book.

Watermark of Merni
Excellent ! Sharp! I love this angle and seeing shape take form with color.

Francesco Martini
very original prospective!!!!!!!

Jos Van Poederooyen
Awesome Look up to the Heavens and see the beauty in our world on the way . . . great eyes, Wilson...great eyes!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much for your feedback LOU ANN: Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback. ASLA: Glad you like it. COLIN: Appreciate your feedback always. HOWARD: Good one, o master story teller. ^_^ RICHARD: So glad you like it. TAMTAM TAMTAM: Thank you, thank you. JAYME: Again the advantage of a digital compact's flip screen comes in to play. I attached a wide angle adapter to the tabletop tripod mounted Canon A80, placed the combo on the ground, aimed it skyward while composing with the flip screen, and fired with the 2-sec self-timer. As for the rate, don't worry about it. I'd say whatever one feels like rating, go right ahead. ^_^ CALVIN: Thanks. ALEJANDRO: Gracias. TONY: Thanks again for your feedback. WATERMARK: Very glad you like it. PETE: Same way I feel about Seattle sometimes. Maybe you need to visit Seattle and teach the natives here a thing or two. ^_^ FRANCESCO: Thanks!!!!! ADA: So glad you like it. Thank you also for the name of the Dutch painter! OLIVER: Glad you enjoy this. JOS: Appreciate your compliments! DENNIS: Thanks. Night timed exposures are sure fun. Glad you'd consider this approach next time. CURTIS: Thanks for checking this out. Wilson ^_^

Richard Hans
WIlson, perfect visual angle, great perspective, beautiful colors & exquistite composition! 7/7 Best regards.

Ada Ipenburg
Excellent shot, Wilson. You've created a dreamworld. Magnificent colours, light and angle.7/7

Oliver Mallah
Great light.. great angle.. well exposed.. 7/7

Dennis Jones
Wilson I do love night timed exposures... Really good angle and colors are great. Sharp too. Never really thought to shoot one like this...but just have to try one now...well done.

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Great perspective and composition!

Ken Beilman
Wils Awesomely creative, well executed, and great perspective. Here's a 7/7 by me.

Jon Thornton

Wilson Tsoi
Ken, Jon, Thank you for your feedback. ^_^

Ramsey Kunkel
great perspective... nice colour

Omer K
Fantastic angle, kudos. By the way you have an impressive portfolio..

Fee Hofmann
definitely very unique shot, love the colors.

Janice Rickert

Superb Execution! Fantastic image! I love the two-tone red and blue sky with both sun and (moon?).

Wilson Tsoi
Chicago's world famous Sears Tower. Hoping to capture the Sears Tower in a unique way. Works? Feedback is welcome.

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