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by Oukhov Dima

xxx seeking critique oukhov dima

Gallery: 2005

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 25th of March 2005 08:08:07 PM


tommy culbreth
CALL THE POLICE anything less than a 7/7 for this one is a crime.

Curt T.
beautiful and tasteful. 7/7 christopher

Frunze Verdi
Mohammad this is her right foot. She is right footed. Just kidding......+ + +

Ján Hronský
lovely this is really what I personally expect... Vagina shot but decent and tender... Thanks :o)

Yuri Bonder
77 Excellent

Reza Shadpay
left foor Youri is one of professional photographer in this site and he gave u 7/7, but I think light on left foot in forgraound bothers eye, and if u didn't show what is there (details!) it would be better, from my opinion. 6/6

Al Li
I think the image is excellent. The foot adds a bit of fun into the shot, almost taking the attention away from the XXX area. Nicely done, great light.

Abel Teddy
Very sexy pose and perfect depht. Tne result realy catch eyes is so different ! 7/7

Isaachar Bates
Footloose The out of focus foot detracts from an otherwise interesting photo.

John Webster - Modesto, CA
out-of-focus foot? in the composition is distracting, the lines of the back are confusing--maybe a different arm position to help define the back---or crop out the right 45% & the left 15%.

Jeroen Schouten
Borders on pornographic. Good balance!

Zack Peck
THX for sharing this is defenitly one of the best images I've seen here in weeks if not month. Regards Zack

Alessandro Della Casa
So provocative but so tasteful. Excellent picture. regards Alessandro

Stavrositu Iuliana
Great Beautiful lighting, great composition. A beautiful dramatic nude photo! Julia

sergio perillo
questa e' quella che fa girare il mondo

Alex R.

Incredible perspective and very original nude.

Dima Oukhov
... xxx ... xxx

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