"Millennium Park"

by Tsoi Wilson

millennium park chicago seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 23rd of March 2005 02:25:33 PM


Joe Orsak
WOW! Anotehr great Capture Wilson. I think Seatle should be paying you for these.

Howard Dion
Wils, You have to stop submitting these dazzling well orchestrated amazingly colorful compositions that boggle the mind. You work is hurting my eyes. LOL

Pnina Evental
Simply simply beautiful. Colors and forms celebration, let alone the angle. Pnina

CR: I have to thank Howard for giving this term: "well orchestrated". Yes that it is, indeed! REgards

Clive Mealey
Brilliant! You have captured two of my favourite Chicago buildings in a very dynamic and creative way.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- this is terrific! How did you get the buildings to come out so smooth but yet have detail? Love the perspcetive, it works!

Manu Poelmans
Very cool, i love it. what a cool Frank Gehry building. wonderfull colors. 7/7

Tony Georgiadis
Those colors and diagonals are both killers.

Nilesh Dhakras
Glittering like gold!! This is just wonderful!!

Colin Carron
Stunning stuff, Wilson! Dynamic and colourful with a great sense of the buzz of city life.

Bilal Zaheer
Fantastic shot Wilson! couldnt be better

J Doyle
Wilson, Good God! PN's own Futurist photographer, a la Gino Severini or Umberto Boccioni. Bold, colorful, dazzling, dynamic! You've got to submit this to Chicago as some kind of advertising blitz for Chicago. Mayor Daley would love it. Really amazing work, Wilson. I work in Chicago and have never seen Chicago looking so good. J

Brian Larson

Giuseppe Miriello
Wilson!!!! i just noticed this one, wow! You did really a great work, 1. you got there, 2. you wandered around a good time to find that angle (that is very intresting indeed), 3. you studied the angle and the composition and eventually came out with tilted framing (the right tilt), 4. wait for the blue hour, 5. (and most important) you shared with us.

congrats apart, i am stunned by the colors and the sharpness of the image, i tried several times something like that and never came out with the same result, either strange lights dominance, or unacceptable sharpness etc. I guess digital helps but what would you suggest to the totally newcomers of cityscape photography?.

Ken Beilman
Inspiringly creative. Well done.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback HOWARD: Thanks. Too much fun, can't stop. ^_^ REINER: CR and CL = well orchestrated, yes? BRIAN: I'll take that. J DOYLE: Much thanks for your compliment, especially coming from a Chicago residence. I feel my effort was all worthwhile when hearing a local's enthusiastic feedback. PAUL: Thanks you sir. BILAL: Appreciate your comment. NILESH: Thanks for visiting. PNINA: Glad you like it. TONY: Always appreciative of your feedback. JOE: Thanks Joe. Seattle would be easy, but I think I might have to join a photographic union to get a buck from Chicago? ^_^ JAYME: Thanks. I told the buildings to stay still, and they did. Actually a lot of credit should probably go to achitects of these structures and the camera manufacturer, yes? CLIVE: I guess they're Stone Container and Two Prudential? Glad you like this. COLIN: Thanks for your comment. Funny you mentioned buzz of city life even though there isn't a single person visible. Certainly glad you see it that way. MANU: Thank you for checking this out. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your comments, Giuseppe, Ken, Giuseppe, night scenery is a bit tough on film as reciprocity sets in with long exposure (depending on which film emulsion you work with.) With digital, you don't have that uncertainty to work with. Digital camera works great with night shots/long timed exposure. Don't stop using your N70, (I have one and still love it dearly,) but would recommend you using at least a point & shoot digital camera. I think with your creative eyes, you'll open up an entire new path for yourself. Ken, I always value your feedback and look forward to your latest. ^_^

Doug Oldham
Nice Chicago photo.

Andrew Midthune
You need to straighten the horizon, and use a polarizing filter to get rid of the relections on the building. :^) This capture is appallingly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

JyhMin Chiang
Wow!! I just bought a mini tripod after seeing your night shots. I also stop thinking about getting a digital slr after seeing your fantastic shots with A80.

Alex Milarakis
Very beautiful photo with excellent diagonal composition, nice color and very interesting view point. Congrats !

Ira Edelman
well exposed with good colors, but the slanted horizon is not successful to me.

Brian Wallace
The Best Great perspective, powerful colors, excellent composition, probably one of the best photos of Chicago I've ever seen!

Wilson Tsoi
"Millennium Park," a visit to Chicago. Was in Chicago last week for a tradeshow and hoped to capture "Cloudgate" sculpture. Unfortunately it was under cover due to failure in its mirror finish. So I captured this instead. From left to right: ASSOCIATES CENTER (Stone Container Building) with its diamond-shaped roof top, PRUDENTIAL BUILDING (One Prudential) built in 1955, TWO PRUDENTIAL PLAZA bulit in 1990, and part of the AON CENTER (Chicago's second tallest) at top right corner. Frank Gehry designed HARRIS THEATER in forground. Feedback is welcome.

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