Bodyscape of AngelOne

by Simon Janosch

bodyscape of angelone seeking critique simon janosch

Gallery: Fine Art

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 23rd of March 2005 11:26:23 AM


hassan bipul
Once in a year shot I'm new to photography. Still i wish i could make the composition in a different way...cropped the bottom and adding some space at the top. would u plz let me know what u think...

Rasoul Alipour
nice shot Your portfolio is superb. Great creativity and artistic work. Bravo!

Ivan Dzo
6/6 very subtle and well lit. Great shot!

Dave Gardner
Excellent shot! I love the lighting...the pose...the comp....the skin looks so smooth. Dave

Reza Shadpay
7/7 everything Dave said. :)

Michael Northrop
Is the wedding ring necessary?

Matt Smolka
Who is she posing for? It looks like an engagment ring on her left hand... This leads me to the idea that she is seducing the viewer. Very well balanced scene; i like how you've kept the skin tones even though it's B/W. The fur at the bottom adds a sense of warmth.

Jeff Lowe
Very impressive photo. Tones, lighting superb. Very sexy photo without nudity.

Celo Baba
I love the lighting, and the way she lays down, but the skin doesnt look natural, i think you shouldnt have soften it so much. Thank you, you have a truly exciting gallery

Piotr Sosin
7/7 Very nice, gentle pic. Congrats!

Reza Shadpay
to Matt Smolka Cong, u have powerful eyes. why I didn't see that!

Al Li
Nice details, great tease. Beautiful....

Illat Jerome

Thorsten Jankowski
7/7 great shot!

Angel Pena
cool light and sexy posing. nice exposure and scan...perfect stuff.

Jim Henderson
Really nice texture there.

john young
Very nice curves I like it a lot.

Yuri Bonder
77 Excellent

Janis Barbars

Niaz Chalabianloo
6/7 Superb

Sachin Patke
Nice contrast

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Martin Lingnau
great tones. simple...nice

Matthew Menton
I love this one too Janosch, sexy without the nudity, hard to do.

Dragos & Adela Manea
WOW, superb!!!

Jeremy Kolonay
You've done an excelleng job of capturing one of the most lovely parts of a woman's body and the tonality is stunning.

Stephen Miller
Great lines. Very sensual.

Shy Fox
Oooohhh. Very sultry. Excellent use of light, the female form, and great taste. Awsome image.

Beepy .
Great textures and details in the skin and fabrics. Wonderful range of tones. The lighting is superb.

Ray Detwiler
I absolutely love the curves and the lines in this pictures!! the shaddows are extraordinary

Mc four
6/6 super sensual!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felipe Espinosa
Very sensual image...

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Outstanding beauty!!!! And yes..., rather sensual!!!

Yusran B. Hasanuddin
Very nicely taken...

Kristen Chambers
This is a beautiful shot! I love the use of clothing to hide the body and add a bit of mystery to it. Also, the fur is a nice touch! Great lighting as well! It creates perfect shadows!

Janosch Simon
AngelOne Bodyscape of AngelOne

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