Kn 7

by Peri John

kn nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Tuesday 22nd of March 2005 10:42:19 PM


Jacob R
John, I was confused by one of your other images, but I went back to it and gave it another thought. It's still not my favorite but that's besides the point. I really like this photo. (the kitchen one). I appreciate that you can find a great picture in what I would have otherwise passed off as just another room. Good work, Nice Portfolio.

John Peri
Well, there is a litle distortion because of the wide angle lens, but thanks anyway Jacob, it's so refreshing to read something pleasant first thing in the morning. And that is before entering the kitchen to make my coffee!

Paul Scott
Great style, wonderfully framed. Very human.

John Peri
I would rather be known for my cooking or, if that is not possible, then hopefully at least for my ability to capture part of their "look"! .... Ahhh, at least SHE shares my passion for the cuisine !

Jeff Henry
Your still getting the greatest models ! I envy your ability to get so many great models! 6/5

Jeff Henry
Agree Amen!

John Peri
Nude in doorway .

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