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Published: Monday 21st of March 2005 01:31:10 PM


Nicky Hilton
Nice color!

Flemming Rasmussen
Happy Great picture.

Christopher Waldvogel
Beautiful pastel colors, and nice composition. May I ask what post processing was done?

Howard Dion
Wils, this may sound crazy but this is too MACRO for me. I feel there is a conflict between the idea of MACRO and the amount of information in the image, butterfyly, leaf, flower, background. Does this input make sense?

Randy Robertson
Very sharp and clear

Yaroslav Kuts
Unique ! Your supermacro with narrow DOF turns into abstract vision of the world of insects.

Dennis Jones
Normally, I'd agree with Howard...but the detail in this is really good and so is the colors...Bigger is better...;-)

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Makes me smile! :)

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much for your feedback HOWARD: It certainly doesn't sound crazy. I know what you mean, especially for butterflies. I shot this guy with both a bare 105 macro, and with the 105+2xTC combo knowing that it might work better with the former (more natural and less magnification.) I chose this close up because of how the colors worked together, the composition of the elements within, and his smiling face. DENNIS: Thank you for your kind comment. RANDY: Thanks for your feedback. NICKY: Thanks! FLEMMING: Glad you like it. CHRISTOPHER: Thanks. There is no post processing done on this, Chris. Shot with the Nikkor 105 2.8 and Kenko Pro300 2x teleconverter. Please click, "DETAILS" for more info. YAROSLAV: Thank you much for your kind words. JAYME: Very glad it did. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Too Close Up? Howard, I think this will demonstrate your point effectively. I was probably overboard with magnification (105 macro + 2x TC) for "Close Up Colors." Although, IMO, it still works, but hindsight tells me that less mag (naked 105 further away) "Swallowtail" is probably a better approach and the resulting image tells a better, clearer story, I think. Nevertheless it sure was fun to see a smile on a butterfly. ^_^

Ken Beilman
Wils I just knew you would get great shots when you finally got a macro lens. Impressed with the sharpness you were able to achieve hand held at such a high magnification.

adi catalin

Wilson Tsoi
Does it look, "Happy"? Please view large. ^_^ A macro experiment. It seems to be a very happy butterfly (view larger to see its face.) Agree? Feedback is welcome.

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