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Published: Sunday 20th of March 2005 10:04:54 PM


cute model

Brian Chase
Nice shot. I also like this model a lot. She seems like she's got an assertive personality, or at lease a certain confidence about her. Quite lovely.

Yuri Bonder
77 Excellent

John Peri
Maybe it's the pose Steve, in which case I did not choose the angle well. Nothing wrong with the model. It's my failing.

Steve Ward
sw this is a wonderful model, but not her best pose. she begins to look almost anorexic here, while most of your photos portray, health, confidence, comfort, etc. just a gut reaction...

Steve Ward
sw more likely time for a gut check, in as much as i called it a gut reaction. occasionally, even sports illustrated publishes photos that make their models look like they are ready to keel over from starvation. they can be very unattractive when that result comes through in a photo. in this case, if hteir is a failing, it is in my perception.

John Peri
Steve, many thanks for your comments. This is a wonderful young lady. What I try to capture mostly on film is their personality.

Steve Ward
sw nothing wrong with the model, i agree. your failing, i disagree. your work is fabulous, in this case(as in so many others), so is your model

John Peri
By the lift .. flash bounced off the wall ..

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