by Tsoi Wilson

swallowtail seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 19th of March 2005 05:14:04 AM


Dominique Dodge-Wan
Nicely captured macro. The feeling of "peeping through the foliage" adds to it IMO.

Howard Dion
In Living Wilson Color I like the shot. Makes you feel happy for the little guy. Lots of yum yum flower juices.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- This is my favorite one of this series. Love the DOF, composition, colors and subject matter. Best yet!

Joe Orsak
6/6 I agree about the foliage. Nice having it there for creating that "Caught in the moment" feel. The DOF could be a tad deeper to get the whole wing in focus. Not to bad though. Overall really excellent shot.

Kim Slonaker
Wilson, I love the colors in this one. DOF is right on, too. Very pleasing... I spent quite awhile out in the yard, getting this shot for you...I know you're away, but when you're back, hope you can check it out. buddha link

Steven T Larson
Great use of aperture priority (set to f3.2) so as to allow identification and emphasis of focal point through dof, and to establish mood at the same time. Too many great things to say. easy 7/7

Robert Marleau
excellent shot and nice macro I saw the same in Montreal there's an exposition called Papillons en libert

Colin Carron
Very good! I like the unusual crop and dof. But as with most portraits it is the eye contact that makes the shot!

David Koens
Another great picture. Boy its a good thing I found you today, you have some really good pictures. 7/7 DK.

Wilson Tsoi
FWIW, here is a close up of this guy.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback . . . DOMINIQUE: Good, "peeping" point. HOWARD: Thanks. Sure looks like he's all set. JAYME: Very glad that you like it. JOE: Thanks for your feedback. Deeper d.o.f. might bring more wing in focus, but so will the forground foliage as well? ROBERT: Thankful for a feedback from fellow macro shooter. STEVEN: Very appreciative of your comment. PAUL: Thanks for your low down. The small white dot is just there on its antenna. I decided to leave it alone so I can click the "unmanipulated" box. KIM: Thanks for both your image feedback and the Buddha link. It's always amazing how you end up capturing all sort of wildlife by just hanging out around the yard! DAVID: Thanks. Likewise, it's good to have found you, too. COLIN: Thanks. Very good point about the eye contact. I knew that rule for portrait and larger animal, didn't know much about insect if we should be focusing on their eyes or their wings. I guess we all learn as we go. Wilson ^_^

Amir Ayalon
Beautiful, the colors of the flower adds to the atmosphere.

Wilson Tsoi
"Swallowtail," works for you? Feedback is apppreciated (please view LARGER.)

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