The river girl.

by Amelkovich Igor

the river girl nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Friday 18th of March 2005 12:17:09 PM


Christian S. Mendes
7/7 Great shot. Perfect composition and pose, showing all the beauty of the model. The combination of tones is very well done. A masterpiece of nude!

Stephen Schwartz
River Nude This is, I think, my pick of this portfolio. The flowing white lines along the edge of the rock mimic the look of the model's hair - and tie the model to the background. The flowing look of those marks link the foreground to the river in the background. Her ribs add to the soft texture which contrasts nicely, of course with the rock background. It would be tough to improve on this photo in my opinion.

edmundo cortes
7/7 Great tones!!!

Bob Kurt
7-7 Fantastic photo!

Vlad M
7/7 Again....Bravo!

Dave Gardner
Agreed...Igor, excellent shot...not just that it's a nude....the form, tone, lighting, contrast, everything. I think that the female form is just so beautiful....and you have a way of just increasing it. Dave

frans hartman
again, great. And don't get me wrong, I am jealous but that is not the reason I am critic sometimes. You have such an extraordinairie portfolio, I could never beetr you. But on this one, I dislike her ribs...maybe not so much bend backwards? anyway: GREAT AGAIN

Edwin Riley
amazing model, and amazing tones in your image

Beautiful 7/7 tonal composition - beautiful model and form

Bruce Jackson
Very appeal appealing model and very appealing pose. From a technical point of view (sharpness, tonal range, etc.) perfect. One of those shots where everything comes together. The kind of shot I envision making but can never quite execute.

robert stefano
great shot

Al Li
5 start, 5 diamond, 10/10. Exceptional, now I wish I have the square format camera. Beautifully done.

Kevin Gibbons
bony nice photo (as usual), but couldn't you buy her a whopper or something?

10/10 Igor, your photographs are just amazing for your tones and perfection.7/7 doesn?t make justice so I?ll give you 10/10 over 7.You are the best!!. My sincere admiration.

Jim Swenson
Well Igor, you've done it again. Another great shot.

Ranjith Wijekoon
Great but ......... Igor, I always admire your work but the left foot is a bit of a worry. Ranjith

Katya Lin
7/7 7/7

Detlef Klahm
natural setting with a gorgeous woman....well lit and posed

nice photograph,,nice model,,,

Aivar Pärtel

jim sanders
BRAVO! wonderful transitions, wonderful everything!

Stephen Galea

rob malkin
only kidding, 7/7

Yuri Bonder
77 Excellent

Michael Northrop
too stick-figurish.

Jean-Paul Nacivet
Who carved such a beauty?!! 7/7 for the photographer and 7/7 for the carver!!

Jan Thomas Gibson
Even before one see's your name, they know when a piece is your's. I love it

Dragos & Adela Manea
well done, nice work

jay amore

nghj wgfvh
yes its all your pictures..but i ask i like the picture because it is very well done..or do i like it because of the woman that is shown on that photograph.. i would go along with the second point.. btw..i like your landscapes :) all the best

Beepy .
The thing that strikes me in the model are the ribs - it looks like a seascape background, and the ribs resemble a crustacean or something - pulls it together.

William Garrett
Perfect The pose makes the model look good in all the right places.

sélim D.
awesome woman !

Adara Schwartz
I am really shocked that the woman's ribs are being perceived as attractive or "toned." The model does possess lovely legs but those ribs sticking out are not feminine, beautiful, or healthy-looking at all. Sometimes, of course, when a model lies back, especially with her back arched, the ribs will become visible. However, the image does not convey one of health or beauty at all. I'm quite sad that others perceive it as such. Encouragement only encourages models to starve themselves.

Igor Amelkovich
The river girl. River... rocks... girl... summer...

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