Sophie snapshot.

by Marchal Benoît

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Published: Friday 18th of March 2005 09:26:34 AM


A Monty
Gorgeous funny and sweet and very well executed. Love the film strip frame - is it a plug in??

Calvin Lee
Very nice.

Gold Fish

Allan Green
what a cute shot. Wonderful!

Jan Olof Härnström
Excellent 7/7 Sweet and lovely. Great work in light, framing and composition. The baby seems to have skill with the camera, a pro someday? Kind regards

Nicely done! I too love the film strip frame.

tony tan
The composition of the hard, cold camera and the cute baby seems forced. Its almost like they don't mix.

Rasoul Alipour
nice shot Your portfolio is superb. Great creativity and artistic work. Bravo!

Cary Maures
Ga Ga Ga ga Great!

Fabian Ngo
too cute!

Benoît Marchal

Thank you for the comments so far.

Tony, a thought provocative comment. Like every parent of a newborn, I take a lot of photos... I designed this one to illustrate this aspect of our relationship... Indeed friends and familly members comment that they recognize the two of us, even though I'm not in the frame.

Hmmm is daddy a hard, cold camera... I'll think about that.


Els Wetting
7/7.........JUST great

Neil D.
Hey!! Fingers off the lens!


Kent Hansson
Lovely Lovely kid portrait! You've managed to get good eye contact even if she is not looking directly in the camera. Thanx for sharing.

theresa mccloskey
wonderful shot - love it :-)

Ilze Lucero

Benoît Marchal
Critique request

Thank you for the comments received so far. Please continue to comment.
The photo frame is from Thomas Niemann.


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