"Foaming Up"

by Tsoi Wilson

foaming up seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Macro

Published: Wednesday 16th of March 2005 09:49:10 PM


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Your compositions are so wonderful on these butterflies. Everytime I try to capture one of them, they are moving way too fast for me be able to compose a thing! Way to go Wilson! I don't mind the shallow DOF. I love the blur, implies motion and softness at the same time. The only thing I might reduce, is the size of the white flower area in the lower left. I find my eyes returning there, distracts my pea brain from the subject matter. I want it there, but I want less of it. Is that pollen that's "foaming up" or is he just preparing for a morning bath? :)

Kim Slonaker
Interesting, but my least favorite so far. I didn't know they did this.

Dennis Jones
A rabid butterfly....now I've seen everything...;-)

Really great detail and such BIG eyes...

Richard Hans
Fantastic composition with beautiful color blocks. 7/6

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for the feedback DENNIS: Thanks. It actually looks like he's downing a 6-pack after a long day. KIM: Thanks for your feedback. Sure, they all drink a few frothies in the weekend. JAYME: Thanks for your take. Very good point about the white flower at lower left. I hadn't even given it a thought until you mentioned it. I really don't know what that foamy thing is. Maybe some expert will come along and answer this? RICHARD: Appreciative of your comment. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Foaming Up," experimenting in macro. Does the shallow depth-of-field work in this case, or do you think ideal macros must have everything sharp? Your feedback and opinions are appreciated.

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