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Published: Wednesday 16th of March 2005 12:09:55 PM


Marc G.
Great idea, fun, and superbly done.

Dave Lewis
Awesome work 7/7 Igor you are without a doubt a true master, your ability to locate incredible models, awesome locations, or studio setups, and your ability to imagine superb poses and props (as this image so clearly shows) is awe inspiring. Add your mastery of light, exposure, tone and contrast and you are a formidable talent. Simply spectacular work.

Alex Robert
Great concept ! Lighting model and pose ! Just perfect ! This is originality at is best !

C Brake
Excellent light, exposure, contrast, tonal range, sharpness and thought provoking like so much of your work.

qing chen
great composition very beautiful nude and wonderful imagination

Dima Oukhov
Klass!!! ... kruto Igor!

Andrea Cali'
I really like the pose and the idea of the photo.

Pavel Krukov
Ochen` krasiviy led:)

M Salloum
As always your photos have a different touch more than anyone. Perfect! apart from the beauty of the model i love the lighting and the contrast. The subject in my opinion could also be " HOT & COLD ".

Cool 7/7 composition - beautiful

Amin Ostovari
very nice, ice cold

Vlad M
7/7 GREAT!

frans hartman
She must have been cold!!! great capture! Would like to see this in color though. I think it is a bit to b/w and here the color would reflect nice I think. Just an idea 6/6

Juan F. Jimenez
beautiful man

Amélie *
Hope you were quick! ;)))

Mihut Ionescu
ice, ice, baby! 7/7!!! I love this one.

L.R. Jordan
Only you Igor. You are the man. Absolutely fantastic work. I'm sure you had to be quick, so the ice wouldn't melt under your HOT model!

Stephen Galea
Igor your photography is unique and amazing... Excellent

Frunze Verdi
+ + + Where are Kay and Gerda?

Giles Bate
This is a great image - "girl on the rocks" - I don't envy the model. I like how the ice has been backlit.

Steffen Drache
Great respect for her performance and your ideas!

Ed A

Igor Laptev
Za chto?!!! LOL:)) Very nice image!

Great, I think a little more water infront of the ice would show what a hot presonality she is.

Eduard Nikoliqi
7/7 No Comment. You have the best nude pictures ever made. RESPECT.

Katya Lin
7/7 DA!!!!!

Robert Richardson
I believe I see the backlight lighting up the upper left corner of the ice. Would be nice if you could hide that

Igor Amelkovich
I assure you. It was difficult enough. Starting from delivery of ice and finishing that in ten seconds after a touch the gentle skin completely froze...

Russell Fleming
ewww cold bum!

Jeff Lowe
Brrrrrrrr.......very well done, lighting is great, the soldi background doesn't clutter tones and contrast excellent.

Beate Pischl

Michael Northrop

Yuri Bonder
77 Excellent

That must be cold�.

Jan Thomas Gibson
No one can really say any thing about your work, except absolutely amazingly beautiful

Gregor Schulz
Very refreshing image... What a big effort u did... Looks dangerous too... :o) And it's refreshing to see here a rating "2/2" of this special expert... ;o) kind regards, Gregor #############

Miguel Merino
Wondering Just wondering how you make to have all those ice blocks in your studio. Excellent work.

jay amore

Jean-Paul Nacivet
7/7 Some people are worry for my models catching a cold while under the rain!!!!!!!!!Igor did you wait for the ice to melt?

Nicholas Price
Great setup Igor. She must have had a cold bum by the end of the shoot, but I'm sure she thought that it was all worth it when she saw the end results! 6/6 Regards, Nick.

Don Schwager
very beautiful pose and use of lighting and contrast

Igor Amelkovich
Ice has melt in a bath in my studio in three days.

Rahul Naithani
Totally cool. From conceptualisation to execution. Well done

Frunze Verdi
+ + + It is time to get the bath with this model, if ice has melt. 7+%7+

Roberto Roseano
Icy Hot Shot Congrat your model. mandi, Roberto PS: Do you know the book "Catalogue" by Andr蠂erg ?

Igor Amelkovich
Take not asking... About what this newspaper writes?

Manuel Rodrigo
News I found this photo in a Newspaper, here is the address:

Manuel Rodrigo
They write about love,cool love and blind dates. Also they cut your name from the photo.

Abhijeet Gujar
hot & cold superb picture. exelent body language. its a stunning picture. good concept

Adara Schwartz
The concept is great, but the focus is a little too heavy on the ice. I'd like to see a hair light on the model so that we don't lose her. Otherwise, nice exposure.

Al Li
Great shot, you a blessed with a wonderful model.

Igor Amelkovich
ICE QUEEN # 1 It really very cold...

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