"Look In To My Eyes"

by Tsoi Wilson

look in to my eyes seattle tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 15th of March 2005 09:46:02 PM


Richard Hans
FANTASTIC composition & excellent details! 7/6 best regards.

Marina Cano
Impressive Wilson!

Jerry Ting - Fremont/SF Bay Area
Wilson, very crisp image. It's really worth to view large. Great details.

Dennis Jones
Detail/Color well done Not sure whos's bagging the better macro shots...you or Peter M. Wanting a good macro Nikon lens...this the one you'd recommend?

Kim Slonaker
This one is a little busy for me, but still interesting to view.

Andrea Endisch
This is absolutely gorgeous Wilson! Nice flower tickling the nose of a nice butterfly, great crop!

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wilson ... What an incredible image with great details.Beautiful .!

Allon Kira
Wonderful macro, Wilson!! excellent colors, light, DOF and good details!!

Cherlyn .
Well, I like how the "giant" butterfly is riding the flower. Very well captured Macro!

Cengiz Dinc
7/7 It is a very good macro indeed.

Alec Ee
How did you get so near? Very good indeed.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- This is very eye catching. Macros with their shallow DOF are difficult. You seem have gotten a handle on them with ease. Nice job! Well composed too!

Pnina Evental
Wilson Unusual catch of the touch between the butterfly and the flower. A bit busy composition, but nicely croped and detailed. Pnina

Francesco Martini
Spring!!!! Excellent macro!!!!!

Gary Apotheker
Your subject is almost looking co-operative, but I know better. Very nice capture.

Jesús Acín Biota
7/7 Composicion fantastica. Color y detalle impresionante. Mis felicitaciones.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone for commenting, ANDREA: So glad you like it (actually, this is the original capture and not a crop.) RICHARD: Thank you for your enthusiasm. DENNIS: Thanks for your vote of confidence. As we all know, there certainly are many high quality macro PNers, but Peter M. is the one that inspired me to go out and try this butterfly and flower stuff. As for a Nikon macro lens, I have to say the 105 focal length (150-ish digitally speaking,) is very versatile and would recommend it for general macro and even portrait work. Obviously I wouldn't mind a AF Nikkor 200 f4 (or third part 180 f3.5 macros,) which would allow a greater working distance as well as a nice, rotating tripod collar for ease of composition on tripod. MARINA: Thanks for checking this out. ALLON: Certainly appreciative from a macro expert himself! KIM: Thanks always for your insight. I felt the same initially, but after viewing it for a while, especially in large, I thought otherwise. JERRY: Thanks for your comment! CHiPs: So glad you like it. PNINA: Thanks for checking it out. CENGIZ: Glad you think so. PAUL: Thanks for your enthusiasm. GARY: Thanks for commenting. PETER: Appreciate your feedback. You're the man. FRANCESCO: Thanks! ALEC: I had my butterfly outfit on. ^_^ JAYME: Thanks. It's not that easy for me, but certainly had fun while doing it! CHERLYN: Thanks for commenting. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for commenting, Jesus.

Ken Beilman
TREMENDOUS detail, especially hand held. Off camera flash, huh? Now you're just getting too fancy for me, LOL.

Jon Thornton
Your approach to macro photography is fresh and interesting. I particularly like your use of selective focus. You have proved that the entire subject DOES NOT need to be sharp for a macro photo to be successful.

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