Pointing at the weather

by Miller David

pointing at the weather seeking critique miller david

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Published: Tuesday 15th of March 2005 01:48:35 AM


Paul Thibodeau
Excellent Fine job! I like the cropping, it gives the picture an intimate quality. Just like a good sunset is appreciated on a individual personal level despite the fact that everyone can see it. 7/7!

David Miller
Reworking of Pointing at The Weather This is my 'Pointing at the Weather' after some retouching in the GIMP.

I've messed about with the levels and removed some of the dirt and specks. I've also cropped it for a slightly tighter composition. Not done much digital editing of my photos - only recently got a scanner, so this is new to me.

Can people comment (the original's in my portfolio too) Have I overdone it? Is the cropping a good idea? Maybe it's a bit oversaturated?
Or should I do more to it?...

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