"Where It All Begins"

by Tsoi Wilson

where it all begins seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 14th of March 2005 05:27:16 AM


David Dwinell
I love the composition. Offsetting the center of the flowers with the petals and leaves in the background adds up to an excellent photo. I would, however, have preferred to see the leading(if not all) of the anthers to be sharp. You focused on the pistil and,as a result, the foreground and back anthers are not as sharp as they could be.

Howard Dion
Of the three, this is my personal favorite.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
A whole new world! Amazing detail, wonderful composition too. The fall off of the flash on the petals creates softness, I really like that!

Kim Slonaker
Very nice! I can't help but think this is probably tack sharp on the original. This color tends to upload a bit soft on PN. (Viewing larger helps).

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks folks for the feedback, HOWARD: Glad you like this. JAYME: Good point about the side light fall off giving depth. Thanks. KIM: Thanks for your observation! PAUL: Thanks for the analysis. This was actually with the 2xTC. DAVID: Certainly appreciate the tip. I'll keep that in mind about focusing a bit forward with smaller aperture and will try to keep them all sharp. Wilson ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Can you tell that I'm trying to catch up!? :-) But I'm sorry that I missed this one. It's gorgeous. I love flower images that are way off center. The detail in this ... and the gorgeous colors ... have me, hook, line and sinker!! :-)

Wilson Tsoi
"Where It All Bigins," stamen and pistil . . . Feedback is welcome.

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