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by Peri John

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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Sunday 13th of March 2005 03:59:31 PM


Chris Kuettner
Hi John A ray indeed! As usual, you have about the most relaxed looking models on the planet! Sorry I've been away for awhile. I was on a long-term project in Melbourne, Fl for the past 6 months..results are on onemodelplace.com member number 70307 It's great to come back after being away to your beautiful work. Keep it up!


John Peri
Thanks Chris. Welcome back.

David Vorland
Both images of this model are excellent ... I give this one the nod, however, probably because I'm accustomed to seeing your work in color.

Alec Ee
Beautiful skin tones and very natural pose.

Don Farra
could be better Background! Watch the background. Notice the frame in the background distracts the eye away from the subject. The viewer's eyes should not wander away from her face. Likewise the furniture is to distracting as well. Change your camera angle next time to control the background (move to the left) and or crop in tighter.

Thomas Collins
Yes, this is my favorite of the three for poise, expression, and lighting. Wonderfully done John. Such a nice way to spend a relaxing weekend photographing the local scenery.

Hilary Allen
She is an outstanding model. Beautiful skin tones.

Gregorio Ochoa
7/7 need large format!

Florin Cojoc
5/6 very sexy girl

John Peri
Florin, this is not Playboy Magazine. Please be so kind as to discuss the photo.

John Peri
Yes, I agree, thank you. I will remove it.

Ryan Wright
Mirror The photo is nice but the mirror in the background I think is distracting.

John Peri
Introducing ...... A ray of sunshine on an otherwise dull day (yesterday) on which I took the photo .....

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