"Close Up Colors"

by Tsoi Wilson

close up colors seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Macro

Published: Sunday 13th of March 2005 03:54:04 PM


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I find the vivid backround a wonderful contrast with the subdued tan of the swallowtail. The big black eye is an excellent subject. All elements of the image lead me right there. Nice!

Watermark of Merni
Excellent ! Beautiful colors , textures and excellent composition. I love seeing this close up !

Howard Dion
Interesting world. Seems there is some blur on the bottom of the butterfly which is confusing compared to blurred background. Maybe MACRO rules on DOF are different?

Alec Ee
Unreal Wilson. Background is not distracting here and I don't see any noise. Nicely done.

Yuri Bonder

ahmet ozkan
nice shot and so beautiful image.

Dennis Jones
Well done Wilson.

Kim Slonaker
In this composition, I think the colorful background works FOR and not against. There are bright colors on the right and also a matching shade of red/orange on the left that provides balance. Nice detail, although I'd like the entire body in focus. Hard to do with macros, though, I know.

Majid Mohammad Alinezhad
Majid Colors are playing with my eyes. Excellent work.

Wilson Tsoi
THank you much for all your input MERIWETHER: Thanks for your enthusiasm! PETER: Thanks for your feedback. It was available light, hand-held. Indeed ringlite would be so cool. You're making me itch, too. ^_^ DENNIS: Thank you sir! KIM: Thanks for your thorough analysis. You're right, I should have gotten more focus. Admittedly I was lazy and hand-held wide open (instead of f22 with tripod.) While messing with 12mm tube gave me great magnification, it certainly decreases d.o.f. even further. It was fun though. HOWARD: Thanks for your feedback. Same d.o.f. rule at work in macro, only so, so much more critical as d.o.f. is so scarce at high mag. JAYME: Thanks for commenting, Jayme. TAMTAM TAMTAM: Thank you, thank you. ALEC: Appreciate your feedback. YURI: Thanks for your vote of confidence. MAJID: Glad you like it. PAUL: So glad it inspired you. As for the hardware compatibility, extension tubes are actually of no issue when matching with different lenses since all you do is moving the focal point further out. Matching a teleconverter to a lens is trickier. The narrow in-focus area is due to my using large aperture (f3.5) to hand hold this shot, exactly what I'm NOT suppose to do, especially with tube attached. Stopping down to f16, f22 etc. would allow deeper d.o.f., but require a use of tripod (hand-holding was so much more fun ^_^) Lastly, although I had fun getting high mag from the tube addition, you're right about the mag factor is too strong on this image. I have another shot of this without the tube in which I'll post in a bit. Thanks for checking this out. Wilson ^_^

David Koens
Amazing Picture with Amazing colours what more is there to say. 7/7 DK.

Wilson Tsoi
Paul, David, Thanks you guys for the feedback and info. FWIW, here is a shot with less magnification (105 macro by itself.)

Wilson Tsoi
"Close Up Colors," a giant swallowtail. Does the colorful background in this image work for or against it? Feedback is welcome.

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