Portrait of Alicia

by Simon Janosch

portrait of alicia seeking critique simon janosch

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 13th of March 2005 03:24:20 PM


Stuart Duffy
Oh wow The lighting, the model, the depth and the sheer soft sensuousness of this photo, made more amazing by the fact its in black and white - I admit that this photo made my heart flutter - if you have this in colour I would love to see how it turned out. 7/7 doesn't do this justice! Masterclass stuff

Farouk Dawood
I like this picture.It's overall texture. The lighting. The black gloves etc etc.The hint of a smile(smug?)The diagonal composition placement of the4 face and knee. they all seem to come together in a well balanced manner.The tones are beautiful.One nit to pick- the right shoulder -a bit too bright perhaps? it seems to take the eye away from the face.

Chris Behrends
Very well done.

Salih G├╝ler
Janosch very nice portrait... cong.

Adam Paine
Simply excellent! Great lighting!

Paulo Marx
Light, mood,tones, and a sexy moment=7/7

John Zyrlis
Perfection Very few shots IMHO reach perfection however this one must be included. Congratulations on such a magnificant shot in every way. 7/7 seems low.

Yuri Bonder
77 Excellent

Jan Kooreman
Excellent shot Really fantastic shot. Lighting is right on the spot and the tones are soft. Compliments, a really great shot.
Greetings, Jan

Angel Pena
7/6 hermoso, beautiful , sexy and well lit.

Yanne Golev

Roman Kouzmitchev
7/7 !!!

Ivan Colman
Refined portrait, great light fantastique execution.

Yo Han Kang
lovely lighting

Ivar Olsen
Stellar attention to detail! ;-)) nice model...subtle and well thought through lighting...sensual... Can't really ask for more! Thank You! :-)) ivar

Robert Ragon
Nicely done, great hightlights and detail

Wim Ipenburg
Fantastic sharp B&W image, great lights. Very fine model with nice pose!

Marco Brivio
A refined work with a beautiful light

Graham Bird
Great pose and toning. Nice...

Amin Ostovari
perfect 7/7

Juan F. Jimenez
wow i really like this picutre. Love the shadows and how ur model looks nature. I like the back ground good picutre

frans hartman
wow! what moreto say. this captures all. so clear, so bright, the right lighting, the choice for b/w! Maybe a little bit more light could be on her right side face. but i think it is a excellent picture. 7/6

ssteve wall
good lighting-good pose-good detail

thomas breazeale
Would have to agree with others that this image works very well in all regards,my only nitpik being that the highlites could stand for maybe a third more stop of exposure?What I really like about this image is the cropping possibilities it has other than what you have now,crop below the bra and you create a wondefully intimate portrait,crop off the head and you have a study in lines and shadows.But of course it's just as lovely as is...

Emily Rose Bennett
really nice light

One of photos I liked most in this category. Excellent.

Michael Northrop
Nice image. Moody lighting. Not a great profile. Would have done more for me with a slight tip of the head and some eye contact.

Jean-Paul Nacivet
La perfection 7/7 No comment!!!!!!!!!!

Kjell Hansen
wonderfully soft

Jan Thomas Gibson
Very nice

Timo Hartikainen

chloe *
perfect 7/7 simply great.... awesome work of art!! greetings chloe

Justin Johnson

Janosch Simon
Portrait of Alicia Portrait of Alicia Regards Janosch http://www.jsfotografie.de

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