Maresias #130

by Sousa Dias Nana

maresias pentax smc mm x cokin orange pent sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Published: Sunday 13th of March 2005 12:57:18 AM


Jana Vanourkova
The exosure time on this one had to be quite a while, making the sky and the sea velvet. Beutiful effect,indeed, cheers jana

Jay Weston
Unbelievable shot. So crisp, such nice tonal range, very relaxing and tranquil.

Steve J Murray
Really nice image, Nana!

Darren Gayle
Magical shot. Almost looks unreal. Hats off. 7/7

t chamberlain

rod innes
Nana this a gorgeous scene so lovely and peaceful and b/w just makes it better. Regards Rod

Patrick MERLAY
What I like in this photo, as a counterpoint to your former work or to Mickael Kenna's work about Japan, is that the blurring effect of the long pose isn't on the sea but on the sky. The result is surprising and very good. Congratulations. As a personal taste I would slightly rise the contrast.

rod innes
Nana i just viewed you portfolio your b/w photos are stunning i think your work is amazing. thankyou for showing. Regards Rod

F. Monteiro
I find this sky quite distracting. Maybe I'm too used to your magnificient and perfect sky tones.

John Voss
My first instinct was to think that a NDG would obviate the need for the blur...but then it seemed to me that the blur imparted a wonderful sense of animation that enlivens an otherwise merely beautiful scene. So....bravo and well done!!

Robert Brown
While I like this photo, it's not as strong as many of the other photos in the portfolio. It seems like this needs a little more contrast, and the individual elements (sky, ocean, rock, and sand) aren't as striking as in many of your other photos. Michael Kenna also does a lot blurred sky stuff (especially in his early English phase) in addition to his long water exposures.

Paula Grenside
Nana, as usual, you propose a wonderful shot: the tonal range, the depth, the inward movement of the water. The slightly blurred sky is perfect not to steal any attention to the foreground. Indeed good.

Richard van Hoesel
Funny how we all see images differently. There's not a thing I'd change in this one; probably my favourite of your more recent seascapes. I love the contrast between the quiet contemplative foreground and 'rushing' sky. Great tones too, but I almost take that for granted in your work. Excellent indeed.

Detlef Klahm
play with light, composition and dof...and you get do!!!

Belen Alvarez
So so beautiful..I can't stop looking. Perfect....

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