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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 12th of March 2005 01:04:53 PM


Steve Ward
sw thank you for the feedback. i was in a local camera store today and they had me trying the d70, as well as a couple of the older "professional" nikons, the 5.47 and the high speed 4.1. they felt much more substantial in my hand, and naturally, the double/triple price caused me to hesitate again. there's just so much to learn that i am still a novice at digital. it's all i can do to scan a few slides and get them into the computer. what i watch them do in photoshop just goes way too fast for me to catch on to. thanks so much for the feedback. i guess i threw the comment on this photo because it is one of my favorites that you have posted.

John Peri
Brian, this was a Kodak Gold 200, before I started using Fuji Superia 200 which I find is softer on the skin.

Steve Ward
sw another wonderful photo, I wonder if is is new or not. also, i'd like to ask: what's the verdict ooon the digital camera? you are still posting film photos? i'm itchy for a new camera and i's like to hear your opinion

Tawhid Uddin
Natorer Bonolota Sen - Western Version. She is my favorite among all your models. 7/7

Brian Chase
Hey. Good shot of a lovely model. I like how her attitude comes across, and I find the combination of th necklace with the feather boa gives a her a kind of elegance with a bit of "dangerous" edge. On a sort of unrelated note, I'm curious to know which color films you prefer to use for your available light work. I've got a good handle now on what I like in the way of b&w, but there are so many color films to choose from I'm not even sure where to start.

David Vorland
Your portraits of this model are among your best, John, to my eye. You're consisently capturing a nuance I can't quite articulate ...

John Peri
Hy Steve. Yes, I removed her photos earlier and am now returning selected pictures to the file in small format that she selects individually. I am playing around with a new Nikon D70 and I must say it's very versatile and easy to use (I'm really starting to enjoy using it). Actually, I had a brief session today and I used both cameras simultaneously. Working in the highest level of Jpeg, I find that the pictures are sharper with the digital camera. Maybe the film gives a softer overall effect and in my opinion remains preferable for black and white.

John Peri
In the sitting room Taken with little care for background, but with an effort to capture the model's charisma ..

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